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Undead or Alive: A Zomedy Poster

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From Bloody-Disgusting:
We were just informed that the official Dark Lot website has been updated with looks at new synopses and posters for The Horror Chronicles, wich feature film following three films: Buried Alive, Living Hell and Undead or Alive: A Zomedy. Read on for the posters on the films ex-KNB guru Robert Kurtzman did the FX on. Kurtzman also directed the feature Buried Alive, which stars Tobin Bell (Jigsaw).

Vietnam + Zombies = "68"

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From Comic Book Resource:
It's 1968 in Vietnam. The vicious “Tet” offensive is over, the Viet-Cong left crippled by losses, and the US support for the war and troop moral both caught in a terrible downward spiral. A small US fire team is dropped off in the heart of enemy occupied territory to investigate the sudden silence of a deep cover listening post used to spy on VC troop movements. What the team discovers goes far beyond the seemingly boundless horrors and atrocities of war, as the dead from both sides begin to rise and devour the flesh of the living.
Read the rest here...

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The Zombie Diaries

The Zombie Diaries: Striking Out Against Mediocrity

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From Articulate:
Michael Bartlett, co-director of new low budget horror flick The Zombie Diaries, wasn't inspired by greatness, he was inspired by mediocrity.

Bartlett's love of film - horror in particular - stretches way back to an encounter with Night of the Living Dead when he was a young lad.

But like many wannabe film-makers, he talked a lot about making movies but never actually did anything.

"Then when I was 25 I went to see Jeepers Creepers at the cinema, and the first half just blew me away. It was so atmospheric and so well done," he said.

"And then the second half was basically just a guy in a rubber suit chasing some kids around. And it infuriated me so much that was actually the catalyst.

"Finally, you know when you get that moment where you think, I could do better than this, and that's really what got me going."

Read the whole thing...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Quick note...

...just wanted to apologize to the regular ZAGG readers for the lack of regular updates as of late. As some of you may know, I'm in school and it's always hectic for me between midterms and finals...I'm heading into the final stretch right now.

Thanks for your patience. :)

Diary of the Dead Video

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The First Week

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From Fango:
Fango pal/filmmaker/DVD special-features producer Michael Felsher just sent word that on-set video from George A. Romero’s DIARY OF THE DEAD can now be found at the movie’s MySpace page. Click on the “First Week” link on the right side of the page to see Felsher-hosted footage from, well, the first week of shooting, including brief chats with producers Peter Grunwald and Art Spigel, star Shawn Roberts and others, a bit of burning-car action and yes, a glimpse of a zombie or two. More video will be posted in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on that MySpace page, and on this site for our own DIARY OF THE DEAD coverage!


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From the Official Website:
Here goes nothing...the idea to do this remake was very simple, "because I felt like it." And I blame my mother as well, I was on the phone with her one day and I had told her that N.O.T.L.D. was in the public domain, which is why Night of the living dead 3-D is coming out this november.
So she simply asked why I hadn’t made my own version of it. See, I am a die hard zombie movie fan, seen pretty much all of them I think. After she said that, I figured ah why the hell not. I had been thinking about doing a zombie movie called "Deadheads" whilst making Escalation this summer. The scripts for Deadheads had already had many blatant homages to Night of the living dead. So I changed the title re-wrote a couple of the key scenes and voila...Night Of The Living Dead '07. A month later we are filming the damn movie.

Left 4 Dead

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From Kotaku.com:

Back before E3, it was announced that Turtle Rock (CS bot-crafters extraordinaire) would be releasing a title over Steam. That was it. Yeah, it was pretty vague.

Now, though, we've got more details. A LOT more. This month's UK edition of PC Gamer says that the game, titled Left 4 Dead, is a multiplayer/co-op zombie shooter, where up to four players have to work together to battle hordes of the undead. Or, if you've developed a penchant for human flesh, more players can take control of the zombies.

Oh come on. The Source Engine? Zombies? Co-op? This is too good to be true. If you think you can handle the awesomeness, there's scans from the mag after the jump.

Virus Nine Zombie Music Video

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From Punknews.org:
Sailors Grave Records band Virus Nine and Mental Records have annouced the completion of a music video for the title track of the upcoming Virus Nine album, We're here to wreck everything. The video should be ready for release in January, when the album is also scheduled to hit the street. You can see some pretty rad stills of the video footage at the Mental Record's media gallery.
Click here for more nifty pics.

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UK Drum & Bass Producers Nightbreed Battle Zombie-Ravers

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From Billboard:
Essex, UK (Billboard Publicity Wire) November 20, 2006 -- UK Drum & Bass producers Nightbreed unveil their new comic strip "Tales of the Nightbreed" on their website www.nightbreeduk.com.

With their name inspired from the horror genre, Clive Barker in particular, Nightbreed not only brings their unique style to drum & bass but to their comic strip as well. Teaming up with UK artist Rhekluse (www.myspace.com/rheklusevsblach_i ), the first installation chronicles Nightbreed as they venture from their lair to the club at which they are to perform. Along the way, the diabolique duo, Angle & Malachai, encounter zombie-ravers, infernal demons, and a nefarious bouncer in order to make their gig and bring the sickness.

Zombie Walk Raises Money for Gallery

I love that people are using zombie walks for various charitable events--I've been seeing a lot of this...good job!

From Registercitizen:
TORRINGTON - Young zombies walked down Main Street on Sunday, not in search of brains, but donations for a humble cause.
Elliot Berg, 14, organized the town's first Torrington Zombie Walk, where about 10 volunteers, age 13 to mid 20s, moaned and groaned up and down the streets collecting money for Artwell Gallery, 19 Water St.
The gallery is a nonprofit center that offers a number of different programs for community members of all ages, including teen concerts, graphic design and computer programs, and features work from local artists, said Sue Berg, Elliot's mother and a volunteer at the center's Education Program's digital learning center.
"It was really fun," Elliot Berg said, with fake blood running down his neck. "It was really funny to see how people reacted to all of the zombies. They would look at us like 'what's going on?'"

Get your voice on the new Zombie Girl album

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From Side-Line:
Here is your chance! Just go to the Zombie Girl MySpace at myspace.com/zombiegirlonline and scroll until you find the send a voice message window and send the band personal and creative message which will end up on a track as a part of the limited edition release. The band will choose the most creative, interesting and flesh feasting message.

  • Rule number 1 : it has to be directed toward the band Zombie Girl. Tell them what you think of their music or whatever, etc. You do the thinking.

  • Rule number 2: 48 hour limit. Zombie Girl won't accept messages after midnight Tuesday, November 21st, Canadian time.

  • PS: Try to not have to many or to loud background noizes when recording, as your voice is what we wanna hear.

    Zombie Involved in Gang Rape

    It was funny when the zombies attacked that lady's car and it was all in good fun...but this isn't funny.

    From Keloland.com:
    Brookings police are asking for the public's help in solving the alleged rape of a woman by three masked men in the downtown area on November first. Police say they have no leads in the case.

    The 21-year-old woman says the three men were wearing Halloween masks. One mask depicted a demon with a red face and black horns, another mask was that of a clown with green hair, and the third mask was a zombie with a distorted face and bald head.

    The woman also told police that one of men was wearing a red Nike shirt. She says the rape took place about 2:00am in the 500 block of Main Avenue.

    Zombies File Lawsuit

    From St. Paul Pioneer Press:

    Seven people shuffled forward Wednesday to serve the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County with a lawsuit for violating their rights, abusing them and discriminating against them.

    In late July, the "zombies" — six young adults and a juvenile in heavy ghoulish makeup — were arrested for "simulating weapons of mass destruction," a post-Sept. 11 felony, during a dance party near Minneapolis' entertainment district.

    Police alleged that the wires sticking out of the zombies' backpacks (later determined to be radios) could have been bombs or perhaps were meant to symbolize bombs.

    Zombie supporters said the arrests' pretense was shakier than a zombie's gait.


    Reiko and the Zombie Shop

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    From: Blog Critics:

    Reiko Himezono, the title lead of Rei Mikamoto's awkwardly titled manga series, Reiko the Zombie Shop (Dark Horse Manga), is a teenaged girl with powerful necromantic abilities. Brandishing a palm emblazoned with a "summoning circle," invoking the name of Satan, the shapely high schooler (she's rarely shown wearing anything but her school uniform) raises the dead for a sliding fee.

    This only occasionally appears to work out well for her customers, since the dead typically rise with some serious unfinished business on their zombie minds. And though our heroine advises her clients to secure their to-be-revived dead ones, this advice is typically ignored. Gory mayhem is the inevitable result: always listen to your necromancer, kids!

    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    New Reviews!

    Hatefuldisplay's back with two new reviews for ya! Check out Freak Out and Day of the Dead 2: Contagium.

    DVD Date and Art for "Evil" aka "To Kako"

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    From Fango:
    TLA Video has announced a new DVD street date of January 30 for its Danger After Dark title EVIL (TO KAKO), the Greek zombie-splatter movie originally slated to hit the shelves this past August, and passed Fango the cover art. Directed by Yorgos Noussais, the movie follows the spread of a plague that turns almost everyone in Athens into bloodthirsty ghouls that relentlessly pursue a small group of survivors. The unrated feature will be presented in anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen with 5.1 Dolby Digital audio (Greek with optional English subtitles), accompanied by a photo gallery and the original trailer; retail price is $24.99. You can read about EVIL in Fango #255.

    Zombie Shirts at Fango

    This is a great design...

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    New Plane Dead Poster

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    From Fango:
    Among the many fresh pieces of promo art to surface at the recent American Film Market was the cool new poster pictured above for PLANE DEAD, the airborne zombie movie we last told you about here. Written and directed by Scott Thomas and boasting makeup FX by Optic Nerve, the film reportedly got a rousing response at its AFM sales screenings (one viewer rated it as high as DOG SOLDIERS), so look for word of a domestic distributor to come down any day now. In the meantime, you can see a trailer, photos and more at PLANE DEAD’s official website.

    Brain Dead

    How many titles of "Brain Dead" does a genre need?

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    Anyway...from Fango:
    The director did his own pass on the script, changing the giant bug to marauding zombies, a switch that Gelineau says made the screenplay “read faster and more dangerous.” Gelineau did final revisions, and BRAIN DEAD lensed this past summer in the mountains of Tujunga, CA. The cast of up-and-comers includes David Crane as the psychopathic Bob, Joshua Benton as Clarence, the wisecracking convict, Sarah Grant Brendecke and Michelle Tomlinson as the coeds, Andy Forrest as the Rev. Eldon Farnsworth, Cristina Tiberia as his secretary and Tess McVicker in a forest-ranger role originally written for a man. Despite all this acting talent, Gelineau says, “The makeup effects are, in fact, the real stars of the film. Gory movies are almost as much fun to work on as they are to watch. When Bartalos and his crew showed up with plastic bags full of body parts, people couldn’t stop giggling. When Kevin’s brother, score composer and actor Dennis Michael Tenney [being made up by Bartalos at bottom] showed up in full zombie prosthetics, everyone on the set wanted their picture taken with him. When Joshua and Sarah were splattered with black goo from an exploding head, it was all they could do to keep from exploding themselves!”

    Will Shakespeare on Zombies

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    From The Cornell Daily Sun:

    William Faulkner wrote a vampire movie.

    Yes. William Faulkner. As in William “The Sound and the Fury” Faulkner. The American South’s preeminent author is the proud scribe of a movie in which pale men are bloodsuckers in the literal sense.

    Faulkner did, of course, spend a good part of his life writing for Hollywood. So this seems very appropriate.

    His script is now being made into a movie. Is this, however, to be lamented? Is this worth our derision? The fact that one of the most important authors in American letters got sucked up by the Hollywood machine and made to write vampire novels could be distressing to some.

    I, however, posit a different interpretation: How freakin’ awesome is it that Faulkner wrote a vampire movie? Honestly, even if you didn’t particularly cotton to vampires, isn’t this something that you’d choose to see? Isn’t anyone dying to see the screenplay? Nobody’s excited about the prospect of a stream-of-consciousness Dracula? Am I the only English major weenie here? Isn’t anybody else excited? Is anyone even listening anymore?

    There’s something about having our most luminous authors taking on some of our more obscure and less-than-well-regarded characters that really does it for me. I can see them now, the bright lights of the marquee illuminating the following potential masterpieces:

    Plato’s Frankenstein

    [Scene: an old mill. Frankenstein faces an angry horde.]
    Frankenstein (monster): Don’t human beings breathe and feel?
    Sherlockus: That has been known to be the case.
    Frankenstein (monster): Is it not true, angry horde, that I breathe?
    Riotolous: Yes, it certainly is true.
    Frankenstein (monster): Is it not also true that I feel?
    Agitatorles: You would certainly be correct in that assessment.
    Frankenstein (monster): [Beat] Do you not see where I’m going with this?
    Mob: Kill the beast!

    William Shakespeare’s Invaders from Mars

    King Bleeborb: The breach of the Earth’s soft shores by our flaming death rays generations hence shall freshly remember. Disguise bellicose nature with seven set jaws. Gentlemartians on Mars now abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their alienhoods cheap whiles any speaks that fought with us upon Saint Kodos’ Day.

    Jane Austen’s Mr. Hyde

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of two personalities must be in want of a wife. While one would be inclined to believe that those called schizophrenic would be in need of a psychiatrist, men in good standing must realize that a wife provides all the cares of a physician without the additional cumbersome worry of compensation.

    John Milton’s Chucky

    In overalls garbed with scarlet hair all aflame
    Chucky stood in ruin, the beast now tamed.
    Why no-one had kicked him cannot be explained.
    He is just a doll, and of plastic made.

    Herman Melville’s The Story of Satan

    Call me Lucifer. Some years ago — never mind how long precisely — having little or no pride in my being, and nothing particular to interest me on Earth, I thought I would sail about a little and see how I could dethrone God. That cursed White Beard! Those cursed White Sandals!

    Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Jason Vorhees

    Saturday morning was come, and all the summer world was bright and fresh, and brimming with life. There was a song in every heart; and if the heart was young the music issued at the lips. There was cheer in every face and a spring in every step. Jason himself was especially full of mirth. As he put Becky and Jim on a raft, they asked him whether they would be playing the part of the pirates or the commodores. With a grunt, Jason pushed the raft out on the river and set it on fire. And smiled a smile nobody could see.

    F. Scott’s Fitzgerald's Tender are the Dead

    “Well, old sport,” Gatsby declaimed. “I can tell you for sure that the neighbourhood's gone to hell.”

    “Why would you say that?” I queried.

    “It’s quite simple, really,” he declared, as a zombie in a silk yellow blouse attacked one of the maids. “It’s all these new dead coming in. They have none of the customs, conduct or manners of the old dead. The fact that they were killed yesterday certainly does not afford them the right to waltz into West Egg in their garish English-cut suits with their shambling proletarian gait and hideous, dissonant moans. Why, yesterday, I saw a zombie walk out without his bowler hat on. I could positively see his brains!”

    Dr. Seuss’ The Bogeyman

    There are no monsters under my bed
    They are off in the land of Foolalastead
    They caper and gimper in the green telafloe
    What the hell is that thing grabbing onto my toe?
    It grunts and it roars, it cavorts and it feeds!
    It listens to none of my thousand-one pleads.

    Canadian Twist on Old Romero Archetype

    From The Varsity Online:
    The Vancouver New Wave will have people talking at this month's Cinematheque Ontario Lecture Series, presented by the Toronto International Film Festival Group. Also called Pacific New Wave, this movement consists of a group filmmakers, most of them at the forefront of the Canadian film industry, that formed in part to ensure the Western Canadian film scene will continue to thrive without the help of Hollywood. Presenting two films this month is Vancouver director Carl Bessai.

    Severed, another political zombie film, will have its Toronto premiere on November 17, even though it was shot last year. While editing his previous art film, Emile, Bessai was introduced to the zombie genre by his editor, Julian Clarke. He was particularly inspired by the politically-motivated horror works of George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead). "He was mapping history and social action," says Bessai on the phone.

    Looking at the political climate in his home town, Bessai decided to make his own zombie film about western political issues. Severed follows a group of environmental activists as they try to take on the logging industry.

    Bessai says he set out to make a "populist movie that says something" about the logging industry and the complexity of the issues involved in both sides of the argument.

    "Filmmaking is a responsibility. I wanted to say something about the place we live in and pump up our country's sense of film." He's quick to underline his belief that Severed wasn't made merely for the sake of making a zombie film. Bessai wanted to deal with interpersonal conflict. "There needs to be a balance of fun, camp and earnestness," he adds.

    In the Dead of Summer

    Zombies at George Mason University...from The Connection Newspapers:
    ...AND IT WOULDN'T be a true zombie play unless some killing was involved. The killing scenes are what one actor said are some of the more difficult performances. When zombies kill each other, it has to be as believable as possible, said Jesse Nepivoda, who plays the character Billy, a lead role in the play. It’s all so ridiculous, he said, so acting out the scenes becomes difficult.
    “The challenge is to make it all realistic and attach it to a real emotion,” said Nepivoda, a junior at GMU who has acted in about 10 plays at the university. “It’s such an absurd situation.”
    What makes it hard for Gabriel is that there aren’t specific guidelines to follow for how zombies look and act. Every movie or book she has seen plays on a variation of the so-called traditional zombie. The plus side to that, she said, is that it leaves a lot up to the imagination.
    “That’s what makes it hard, that there is such a gray area,” said Gabriel. “But it makes it fun.”
    The laughing phases have passed, and the actors and Gabriel are rehearsing with a straight face now. At first, Logan said everyone was laughing because it’s a funny play. The humor came through in Gabriel’s writing because of her other inspiration: the loss of loved ones she experienced before she wrote the story. Writing the play and keeping it light was the best way to deal with her personal grief, she said.
    “It’s not just a bunch of cheap laughs at zombies,” said Gabriel. “They’re very real characters. In order to overcome some tension, those laughs are needed.”
    Read the entire article here.

    Zombies: They're Not Just For George Romero Anymore

    From Cinematical:
    I've posted a few times over the last month or so about the upcoming George A. Romero film Diary of the Dead (check here and here if you don't believe me), his fifth film to deal with the walking, flesh eating dead. Well, even though Romero invented modern zombie films, he's not the only one making them. I've always said that if his zombie films had been produced by a major studio, films like Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, and Lucio Fulci's gore-fest Zombie would have run into legal troubles and might possibly never have been made. Thanks to an unfortunate oversight, the copyright notice was left off Romero's Night of the Living Dead -- the film which all modern zombie flicks must acknowledge as an inspiration -- which is why NOTLD is offered for sale by every dealer of public domain films on the planet. The zombie film, in essence, belongs to the people and, legally speaking, pretty much anybody can make one.

    Something for the kids...Zombie Hotel

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    From DVD Times:
    Once upon a time, anything with the word zombie in the title, with the notable exception of the lyrical White Zombie and I Walked With A Zombie, promised an evening of unsurpassed gut-crunching. Until, that is, Zombie Hotel, which finds our undead friends and their ilk hopelessly running a hotel. Less concerned with the taste for human flesh than whether the night's menu has been decided upon, if the skulls have been dusted and whether the little chocolates (with a hint of bat!) have been placed upon guests' pillows. And not a drop of blood in sight.

    The obvious debt that Zombie Hotel owes is to The Addams Family, in which the unconventional-looking family were an oasis of love and affection in a morally grotesque world. Zombie Hotel offers us the lovestruck proprietors of the titular establishment, Rictus and Funerella, who appear to have been constructed, Frankenstein-like, from the body parts of long-dead corpses. However, it is their two zombie children, Maggot and Fungus, who are the stars of the cartoon, in which they leave the family business to be educated at the local school, finding that their oddball parents and friends are sweetness and light compared to the backstabbing, bullying and conniving humans outside. With the exception of their friend Sam of course, one good kid amongst so many awful people.

    On First Day, for example, the first episode here, Funeralla and Rictus fret as they send their children off to school for the first day, inappropriately dressed in the clothes they wore on their own first day at school...back in 1902! When Sam discovers their zombie secret - it's hard to avoid when, after losing his temper, Fungus sprouts fangs and claws and, later, pulls off his head and swaps it with Maggot's - he becomes their closest friend in the world but the school bully promises them a tough time ahead. Unless, that is, they can spend one night in the haunted mansion, which shouldn't be a problem for a pair of zombies, should it?

    Enron Zombie Hedge Fund

    Here's a little corporate political zombie humor for you...

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    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Diary of the Dead Teaser Art

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    From Bloody-Disgusting:
    George A. Romero is currently in the process of shooting Diary of the Dead, his fifth zombie film, which is looking for release sometime next year. Today we've scored a look at the first teaser art, along with a few images from the film! The film will follow a group of college students shooting a horror movie in the woods who stumble upon a real zombie uprising. When the onslaught begins, they seize the moment as any good film students would, capturing the undead in a "cinema verite" style that causes more than the usual production headaches.

    The Horror Chronicles Pics

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    From Bloody-Disgusting:
    VFX madman Robert Kurtzman (The Rage) sent us in some more amazing photos of his work to show you guys just how insane his upcoming projects are. Inside you'll find brand new Visual Effects and Special Make-Up photos from The Horror Chronicles, which are being produced for Dark Lot Entertainment. The films are: Buried Alive, Living Hell and Undead or Alive: Zombedy. Read on for the pics.
    Click here for more pics...

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    Zombie Night 2

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    When the sun sets no survivor dares to be in the open. To be alone in the dark is suicide.

    Nothing could have prepared civilization for the horror that a simple mosquito bite could bring. The virus spread like wildfire, starting in warm rainforests and breeding in the humidity, the virus let loose its horror on humanity. It all began with a simple mosquito bite, one hundred percent mortality rate. That was bad enough. But when the dead began to rise with nothing but hunger on what remained of their minds, the mosquitoes were forgotten. The virus they carried had lived its life anyway. But for the human race, time was running out. The virus mutated once inside its human carriers spreading through their saliva and blood it circumnavigated the globe in a matter of weeks. Blame was laid but never proven. It didn’t matter anyway. Everyone was dead… or walking dead. The horror had begun.

    Six months after the last of the news broadcasts were silenced and six months after the emergency broadcast system shut down, the ragged remaining humans still battled for safety, food and survival. Brotherhood was not a factor, only the possibility of living through another night.

    Shelley and Keith, thrown together by the collapse of everything they knew, witnessed the remains of their group slaughtered by Zombies when another human refused to help. They had no idea that he would come back to haunt them, like the living dead but with a more defined purpose.

    Feeling safe in an abandoned marina, Shelley and Keith find a semblance of happiness with new friends. They hide during the night but manage to create a sense of community and order during the day. Things are looking brighter for all.

    Safety is a luxury that the innocent get caught in time and time again - this is no exception. The horror is complete as Zombies overrun the marina and the survivors must decide who can be saved and who must die.

    It is the last battle most of them will fight.
    (click a pic for the official page)

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    New Zombie Killing Duds for Onechanbara

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    From kotaku.com:
    Our favorite zombie-slashing cowboy hat-donning boa-wearing bikini killer, Onechanbara's Aya gets new duds in the next-gen Xbox 360 sequel Onechanbara VorteX. Looks like there are dress-ups for the character's head, arms, legs—along with tops and bottoms for the character to wear during the hacking and the slashing. Don't just think of them as new outfits for Aya to wear, but new outfits to cover in zombie blood.

    New Spanish Horror Film Takes Zombies Very Seriously

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    From cinematical:
    Zombies have never really done it for me -- it was all that groaning and brain eating I suppose. I have plenty of respect for George Romero and what he did for independent horror but like I said, I just never got it. The zombie flick might have evolved into an artistic action film with 28 Days Later, but a new Spanish film could finally make the zombie movie a class act.

    Variety announced that Spanish filmmaker Elio Quiroga's The Cold Hour has been picked up by Lightning Entertainment for international sale. The plot of the film will follow a group of survivors of chemical warfare fighting off the infected masses. Apparently, the focus of the film will be on the drama between the survivors trapped inside during periods of intense cold and not on the usual violence and gore. Quiroga is already hard at work on his next project No-Do, a ghost story centered on a woman who has just lost her child.

    The zombie movie had a brief resurgence with Dawn of The Dead (2004) and Land of The Dead but the genre never really managed to lose its B-movie reputation. The genre might not be done yet though; The Cold Hour could be the film that makes audiences take their zombie flicks just a little more seriously.

    Alarm coffin makes it easier for zombies to get out

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    From Sci Fi Tech:
    You know when you're just sitting around, minding your own business, when suddenly you get buried alive? It sucks, trust me. Well, you won't have to worry about having your last moments ruined by a frantic clawing and digging if you get yourself set up with one of Vitaly Malyukov's alarm coffins. Yes, now you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when you're buried, if you happen to wake up, you can push a button and have people come dig you up. It really helps you eternally sleep better at night knowing that some horrific, unimaginable ways to go just won't happen to you, no matter how drunk your doctor is when he declares you dead. No word on pricing or availability as of yet, unfortunately.

    The Zombie-GOP Connection?

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    From Huffington:

    In the spirit of Halloween, I recently wrote a piece on the Zombie Zeitgeist for the LA Weekly that rounded up zombies in movies, video games, and, of course, on the streets of our cities. But I left out politics. Later, a friend passed along a note about an interesting theory over at the Amazon Bookstore which posits that the timing of zombie revivals -- like the one these days and the Evil Dead hey day during the mid-80s -- track closely with Republican rule:

    You may have noticed that these two great zombie eras coincide with consecutive terms of Republican presidents...

    In the spirit of non-partisanship, Amazon Bookstore's Jon adds that he also has a theory about Democratic administrations coinciding with vampire stories. But Jon's analysis forgets a third data point on the zombie graph helps his theory -- 1968: the simultaneous dawn of Nixon and Romero's Living Dead. Think about it, people.

    Wilmer Valderrama Refuses To Give Up On Zombie Film

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    From StarPulse.com:
    Wilmer Valderrama is refusing to give up on his Latino zombie movie El Muerto, even though the project is still not complete a year after it wrapped. The star plays a member of the living dead in the movie, who protects his friends and family from the shadows on East Los Angeles.

    Valderrama had such fun making the film in 2005 he's determined to make sure it doesn't become forgotten - because he feels it has cult status written all over it.

    He says, "We did 'El Muerto' independently and a lot of the special effects were taking forever because one company took it over and they did some effects that didn't really work out. But they're redoing the special effects and it's a very exciting franchise, and I'm excited to take it to the next level. My character, Diego, is technically a zombie but he acts so cool."

    Zombie Pikachu

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    From kotaku.com:


    In honor of Halloween, "everything by everyone" website NewGrounds held an art contest. The rules were simple, draw your favorite video game character as a zombie. They ran it for a month and received so many sick submissions that they actually expanded the amount of winners and prizes. I saw zombie Chun-Li with her zombie nipples showing and zombie Lara Croft licking her own zombie nipples stripper style. And these weren't even the winners!

    There were two first prizes: The first went to Deks for his truly terrifying zombie Pikachu while the other went to Steven-M for his Zombie Mario. Other winners included a zombie Sam Fisher, the entire zombie cast of Chrono Cross and zombie Sonic, zombie Knuckles and zombie Doctor Robotnik fighting MegaMan a la Army of Darkness.

    Check out all the winners at the official contest forum. I would highly recommend checking out the entire thread and seeing all the entries. Believe me, you won't want to miss those zombie nipples!

    Monday, November 06, 2006


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    November 7th

    Don't make up some lame-ass excuse not to.

    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    First report of Diary of the Dead

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    From Fango:
    On the outskirts of Toronto’s grimy West End, deep in the bowels of an industrial warehouse space, legendary writer/director George A. Romero is already spleen-deep in the thick of a four-week shooting schedule for DIARY OF THE DEAD, his latest on screen foray into frenetic, socially volatile, flesheating mayhem. DIARY charts the terrifying misadventures of a roving Winnebago-load of fresh-faced film students (including LAND OF THE DEAD’s Shawn Roberts, pictured with Simon Baker, and THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE’s Joshua Close), who unexpectedly find themselves documenting, first-hand, the grisly apocalyptic genesis of yet another unstoppable undead revolution. Though DIARY OF THE DEAD promises plenty of the traditional extreme splatter, pulse-pounding action and razor-sharp satire that sets Romero’s DEAD films apart from the putrid pack, the filmmaker notes that this latest gut-muncher is aiming to be something a bit different.
    Read more here...

    Redemption of the Undead Trailer

    From MoviesOnline:
    Just got a bad ass new indie zombie flick trailer via HorrorMovies.ca. We love indie movies, and we love plugging indie movies that have some promise. This is his first ever film, no training, no professional equipment and he has managed to put together a nifty little zombie flick called.. Redemption of the Undead. Enjoy the trailer and send this to your friends to help spread the word about this film for this fine filmmaker.
    Click here for the trailer...

    Exclusive 28 Days Later Aftermath Comic Page & Details

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    From MoviesOnline:
    We wanted to show you something cool and unique for Halloween. So what better then to give you exclusive details on the 28 Days Later : Aftermath Comic, with an exerpt from the comic, and details from the man directing the whole project Eric Lieb. FoxAtomic are behind the new comic which will coincide with 28 Weeks Later the Movie. Let me tell you this is the first time I have dealt with a studio that truly cared about what fans thought and wanted to include them in every aspect FoxAtomic is shaping up to be THE genre studio! Feels good bein able to say that to, we could use some more good flicks.
    28 Weeks Later is the sequel to one of my fav films, 28 Days Later. We dont want to spoil to much but the basic premise is, Six months after the rage virus has annihilated the British Isles, the US Army declares that the war against infection has been won, and that the reconstruction of the country can begin. In the first wave of returning refugees, a family is reunited -- but one of them unwittingly carries a terrible secret. The virus is not yet dead, and this time, it is more dangerous than ever. ( You can read an exclusive 28 Weeks Later Set Reporthere if you want more info ). At anyrate lets kick things off with the cover art for 28 Days Later : Aftermath and then get right into the Q&A with Eric Lieb.
    Read on for the Q&A...

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    George Romero talks Diary of the Dead

    From MoviesOnline:
    Our editor was asked if he would like to visit the set and said "Yes of Course". I think they interpreted that as "NO leave me alone", since we didnt get our set visit. But our friends at Rue Morgue did and Chris Alexander has some great insights. It would seem that George is redoing the franchise, and Diary of the Dead is the start of a new zombie legacy. The reason he says is that other people own the rights to his films, so he seems to be saying he is just gonna start an all new franchise. Its all good in my books. My only big concern is the comparison to Blair Witch & The First Person Shooting: Quote,
    It's not Blair Witch and my style is not Blair Witch, and it's not a purely visceral thing," Romero says. "My style is arch and theatrical, where Blair Witch went for ultra-realistic. Even though it IS shot first person, I'm trying to maintain the artifice and make some potent comments about the observer ... while still supplying lots of nasty zombie stuff."

    28 Weeks Later Scoop at BD

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    From Bloody-Disgusting:
    Not only is the Carnival of Souls live over at FoxAtomic.com but we've posted our teaser set report from London and Morocco where B-D reporter Joe Hui checked out the sets of both 28 Weeks Later and The Hills Have Eyes 2 You can read all about it and check out the first photos from both movies by clicking here. Hills 2 hits theaters this Spring, while 28 Weeks hits May 11th. Don't forget to check out Fox Atomic's official website all day for new surprises as a special Halloween treat!

    Something to be Desired - Halloween Special

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    From STBD:
    Caroline mistakenly believed her Halloween party was a costumed event. That's fine, because half the guests mistakenly believe they're still alive. (8:00)
    Click here or the pic to check out!

    Group Wants To Smash, Destroy Zombie Record

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    From nbc5i.com:
    How many zombies do you need in one place to set a world record? A group of people attempted to answer that question on Sunday at a mall near Pittsburgh, Pa.Several hundred of the undead gathered at the Monroeville Mall, site of the classic horror film "Dawn of the Dead."The group was attempting to earn entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Zombies Gathered In One Location.

    The official count of Sunday's meeting has not been released, but the organizers said they are confident they earned the record.The event also aided a local food bank. Each zombie was asked to donate a non-perishable food item.There is no word on how many cans of brains were collected.

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    Silly, Silly Marvel Zombie Evil Dead Comic News

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    From CHUD.com:
    Despite my better judgment, I purchased the hardcover Marvel Zombies trade. Even worse, I read it. That was worse judgment. Ouch.

    Further, I have bought every trade paperback of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead even though all it does is remind me how much of a missed opportunity it is. I guess it's good, because it allows me to develop my own surely brilliant zombie ideas without fear of overlap but the problem is I WANT TO LIKE IT. It should be like a warm blanket for me, a guy for whom zombies were a seminal part of the formative years. Each page of The Walking Dead should create little Indy 500's in my bloodstream, furious races by blood cells on a quest towards my engorgement. But alas.

    The Zombie Zeitgeist

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    From LA Weekly:
    You know the drill: You wake up, and it’s The Day. Outside, the neighbor’s car is on fire; a truck careens through pedestrians into a wall and explodes; smoke rises in the distance; your bloody, disheveled daughter is eating the mailman’s leg; and the inexorable zombie horde shuffles ever forward. So begins the rest of your (likely short) life.

    Zombie dancers aim for world record

    From CBC News:

    A group of people dressed as zombies re-enacted the music video to Michael Jackson's Thriller on Sunday in what they hope will set a world record.

    Sixty people descended on Toronto's Harbourfront Community Centre in zombie makeup and shredded clothes to perform the iconic dance moves in what the organizer hopes will be the first of many performances.


    Got zombies?

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    Books, video games, comics have helped breathe new life into the living dead

    From Daily Southtown:

    On the eve of the traditional Day of the Dead, it's worth noting that zombiedom is alive and flourishing.

    Like the flesh-eating legions of walking corpses, zombie projects are everywhere and they just keep coming -- in books, movies, comics and video games.

    Even the History Channel got into the act this past week, airing a special on the history of zombies for an episode of "Fear Files."

    Why the fascination with reanimation?

    "For me, it's the viral nature of zombies," said author Max Brooks. "It's the idea that they'll come to get you whether you're minding your own business or not. That breaks the cardinal rule of horror."


    Zombies, others work Halloween mischief

    From The Union-News:
    Folks were up to no good Halloween night, making work for law enforcement agents who responded to everything from errant zombies to missing pumpkins.

    "It was like the night of the living dead," Grass Valley Capt. Dave Remillard said Wednesday. "Everywhere you looked, people were in costume. We responded to multiple calls - vandalism, altercations, people misbehaving."

    Shortly after midnight, a man called to say he had been assaulted on the 200 block of South Auburn Street. His only description of the person involved was "a zombie" talking on a cell phone.

    Police searched for the zombie, but were unable to find him.

    Evil Dead the Musical and Canadian Zombies

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    From Globe and Mail.com:
    NEW YORK -- Halloween is always a busy time for zombies. So just imagine how full their schedules can get when they also have an off-Broadway show about to open.

    This morning on live -- er, undead -- television, the zombie-filled cast of the new stage show Evil Dead: The Musical will bare their fangs at the ladies of The View. In a number called Do the Necronomicon, they'll dance an unusual tribute to the 13th-century Book of the Dead, complete with Michael Jackson-inspired moves and a nod to the Fonz from Happy Days. (Sample lyrics: "In hell we dance our own special way/ Let's show 'em how ya dance while your body decays.")

    As darkness falls, they'll take their place on the lead float in the 33rd annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. And they'll wrap the day with a late-night performance of Evil Dead: The Musical that should see a man take a chainsaw to his possessed right hand just around the moment the clock strikes midnight.


    The war of the zombies vs. humans rages in Athens

    From The Athens News:
    More than 600 zombies and humans have been battling it out in Athens, but it isn't part of the annual uptown Halloween celebration.

    Rather, it's the Ohio University version of a national battle of Humans against Zombies, which is transpiring at college campuses across the country.

    Participating OU students and area residents have been shooting at each other with Nerf guns (some even with laser pointers) and taking part in a battle that is continuing through midnight this Tuesday (Halloween). A Facebook.com Web page devoted to the game got OU students and area residents involved in the battle, and the players have been posting information about their kills and adventures throughout the week. The game began on Monday, Oct. 23, and took a break over the weekend because of the street party uptown and all of the people in town for the weekend.
    Zombie Banner Exchange