Thursday, November 09, 2006

Diary of the Dead Teaser Art

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From Bloody-Disgusting:
George A. Romero is currently in the process of shooting Diary of the Dead, his fifth zombie film, which is looking for release sometime next year. Today we've scored a look at the first teaser art, along with a few images from the film! The film will follow a group of college students shooting a horror movie in the woods who stumble upon a real zombie uprising. When the onslaught begins, they seize the moment as any good film students would, capturing the undead in a "cinema verite" style that causes more than the usual production headaches.


Blogger Fatman said...

This has shades of Dead Rising, where people have the option of running away, or making a film/taking photographs of a zombie invasion. I hear it takes place chronologically at about the same time Night of the Livind Dead does (i.e. before zombies have taken over the world in Romero-verse). Does that mean it takes place in '68?

14 November, 2006  

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