Thursday, November 02, 2006

First report of Diary of the Dead

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From Fango:
On the outskirts of Toronto’s grimy West End, deep in the bowels of an industrial warehouse space, legendary writer/director George A. Romero is already spleen-deep in the thick of a four-week shooting schedule for DIARY OF THE DEAD, his latest on screen foray into frenetic, socially volatile, flesheating mayhem. DIARY charts the terrifying misadventures of a roving Winnebago-load of fresh-faced film students (including LAND OF THE DEAD’s Shawn Roberts, pictured with Simon Baker, and THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE’s Joshua Close), who unexpectedly find themselves documenting, first-hand, the grisly apocalyptic genesis of yet another unstoppable undead revolution. Though DIARY OF THE DEAD promises plenty of the traditional extreme splatter, pulse-pounding action and razor-sharp satire that sets Romero’s DEAD films apart from the putrid pack, the filmmaker notes that this latest gut-muncher is aiming to be something a bit different.
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