Thursday, November 02, 2006

George Romero talks Diary of the Dead

From MoviesOnline:
Our editor was asked if he would like to visit the set and said "Yes of Course". I think they interpreted that as "NO leave me alone", since we didnt get our set visit. But our friends at Rue Morgue did and Chris Alexander has some great insights. It would seem that George is redoing the franchise, and Diary of the Dead is the start of a new zombie legacy. The reason he says is that other people own the rights to his films, so he seems to be saying he is just gonna start an all new franchise. Its all good in my books. My only big concern is the comparison to Blair Witch & The First Person Shooting: Quote,
It's not Blair Witch and my style is not Blair Witch, and it's not a purely visceral thing," Romero says. "My style is arch and theatrical, where Blair Witch went for ultra-realistic. Even though it IS shot first person, I'm trying to maintain the artifice and make some potent comments about the observer ... while still supplying lots of nasty zombie stuff."


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