Thursday, November 02, 2006

Evil Dead the Musical and Canadian Zombies

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From Globe and
NEW YORK -- Halloween is always a busy time for zombies. So just imagine how full their schedules can get when they also have an off-Broadway show about to open.

This morning on live -- er, undead -- television, the zombie-filled cast of the new stage show Evil Dead: The Musical will bare their fangs at the ladies of The View. In a number called Do the Necronomicon, they'll dance an unusual tribute to the 13th-century Book of the Dead, complete with Michael Jackson-inspired moves and a nod to the Fonz from Happy Days. (Sample lyrics: "In hell we dance our own special way/ Let's show 'em how ya dance while your body decays.")

As darkness falls, they'll take their place on the lead float in the 33rd annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. And they'll wrap the day with a late-night performance of Evil Dead: The Musical that should see a man take a chainsaw to his possessed right hand just around the moment the clock strikes midnight.



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