Monday, October 30, 2006

Zombies Enchanting for Witches

From TheStar:
Two witches walk into a bar.

No. Really.

Wiccan high priestess Karen Dales, 37, and her student Samantha Wu, 23, joined me for a drink last week as Samhain (Halloween to most of us) approached.And what could be more fitting to mark the Oct. 31 Wiccan holiday than to sip a Zombie?

Samhain is like New Year's for Wiccans, a time to remember the dead and get a few messages from those who have passed on, look to the future, and enjoy some feasting. But while mead or wine is the usual tipple, some Toronto covens will be mixing up Zombies for today's Samhain feast, judging from the reaction of Dales and Wu to the powerful rum punch. (The feast is being held a couple of days before Samhain/Halloween.)
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