Monday, October 30, 2006

Sioux Falls Zombie Walk

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From Argus Leader:

He's not an official member of the walking dead, but Kerry Roberts (pictured at left) is pretty sure he could transform you into a zombie in five minutes - and he won't even bite.

Despite the hordes of zombie horror flicks that teach us these brain-hungry, moaning automatons increase their population by biting humans and spreading the disease, Roberts says he only needs some makeup and a willing face to distort your humanity.

First, he'll pale your mug with some white base and use a dark rub to lend the area under the eyes a ghastly appearance. Then, he'll rip your clothes, spray them with fake blood and voila, fresh zombie.

Shuffle slowly, moan the word "brains" and you're ready to join the ranks of the walking dead.
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