Thursday, November 09, 2006

Zombie Night 2

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When the sun sets no survivor dares to be in the open. To be alone in the dark is suicide.

Nothing could have prepared civilization for the horror that a simple mosquito bite could bring. The virus spread like wildfire, starting in warm rainforests and breeding in the humidity, the virus let loose its horror on humanity. It all began with a simple mosquito bite, one hundred percent mortality rate. That was bad enough. But when the dead began to rise with nothing but hunger on what remained of their minds, the mosquitoes were forgotten. The virus they carried had lived its life anyway. But for the human race, time was running out. The virus mutated once inside its human carriers spreading through their saliva and blood it circumnavigated the globe in a matter of weeks. Blame was laid but never proven. It didn’t matter anyway. Everyone was dead… or walking dead. The horror had begun.

Six months after the last of the news broadcasts were silenced and six months after the emergency broadcast system shut down, the ragged remaining humans still battled for safety, food and survival. Brotherhood was not a factor, only the possibility of living through another night.

Shelley and Keith, thrown together by the collapse of everything they knew, witnessed the remains of their group slaughtered by Zombies when another human refused to help. They had no idea that he would come back to haunt them, like the living dead but with a more defined purpose.

Feeling safe in an abandoned marina, Shelley and Keith find a semblance of happiness with new friends. They hide during the night but manage to create a sense of community and order during the day. Things are looking brighter for all.

Safety is a luxury that the innocent get caught in time and time again - this is no exception. The horror is complete as Zombies overrun the marina and the survivors must decide who can be saved and who must die.

It is the last battle most of them will fight.
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