Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Zombie Diaries

The Zombie Diaries: Striking Out Against Mediocrity

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From Articulate:
Michael Bartlett, co-director of new low budget horror flick The Zombie Diaries, wasn't inspired by greatness, he was inspired by mediocrity.

Bartlett's love of film - horror in particular - stretches way back to an encounter with Night of the Living Dead when he was a young lad.

But like many wannabe film-makers, he talked a lot about making movies but never actually did anything.

"Then when I was 25 I went to see Jeepers Creepers at the cinema, and the first half just blew me away. It was so atmospheric and so well done," he said.

"And then the second half was basically just a guy in a rubber suit chasing some kids around. And it infuriated me so much that was actually the catalyst.

"Finally, you know when you get that moment where you think, I could do better than this, and that's really what got me going."

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