Sunday, November 26, 2006


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From the Official Website:
Here goes nothing...the idea to do this remake was very simple, "because I felt like it." And I blame my mother as well, I was on the phone with her one day and I had told her that N.O.T.L.D. was in the public domain, which is why Night of the living dead 3-D is coming out this november.
So she simply asked why I hadn’t made my own version of it. See, I am a die hard zombie movie fan, seen pretty much all of them I think. After she said that, I figured ah why the hell not. I had been thinking about doing a zombie movie called "Deadheads" whilst making Escalation this summer. The scripts for Deadheads had already had many blatant homages to Night of the living dead. So I changed the title re-wrote a couple of the key scenes and voila...Night Of The Living Dead '07. A month later we are filming the damn movie.


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