Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reiko and the Zombie Shop

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From: Blog Critics:

Reiko Himezono, the title lead of Rei Mikamoto's awkwardly titled manga series, Reiko the Zombie Shop (Dark Horse Manga), is a teenaged girl with powerful necromantic abilities. Brandishing a palm emblazoned with a "summoning circle," invoking the name of Satan, the shapely high schooler (she's rarely shown wearing anything but her school uniform) raises the dead for a sliding fee.

This only occasionally appears to work out well for her customers, since the dead typically rise with some serious unfinished business on their zombie minds. And though our heroine advises her clients to secure their to-be-revived dead ones, this advice is typically ignored. Gory mayhem is the inevitable result: always listen to your necromancer, kids!


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