Thursday, November 16, 2006

Zombies: They're Not Just For George Romero Anymore

From Cinematical:
I've posted a few times over the last month or so about the upcoming George A. Romero film Diary of the Dead (check here and here if you don't believe me), his fifth film to deal with the walking, flesh eating dead. Well, even though Romero invented modern zombie films, he's not the only one making them. I've always said that if his zombie films had been produced by a major studio, films like Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, and Lucio Fulci's gore-fest Zombie would have run into legal troubles and might possibly never have been made. Thanks to an unfortunate oversight, the copyright notice was left off Romero's Night of the Living Dead -- the film which all modern zombie flicks must acknowledge as an inspiration -- which is why NOTLD is offered for sale by every dealer of public domain films on the planet. The zombie film, in essence, belongs to the people and, legally speaking, pretty much anybody can make one.


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