Friday, April 28, 2006

To Kako (Evil): Greek Zombies!

Greek Zombies

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From Fango:
TLA Video gave Fango the details about the first batch of discs to be released in its new Danger After Dark line. Named for the genre- and cult-movie series that runs at the annual Philadelphia Film Festival, the banner will debut June 27 with the DANGER AFTER DARK BOX SET, a limited-edition package containing the previously individually released Japanese films SUICIDE CLUB, 2LDK and MOON CHILD, with newly remastered anamorphic transfers on the first two and optional English subtitles on 2LDK added. Retail price is $29.99.

The company has also set a July 18 DVDebut for FEED, the Brett Leonard-directed sickie about a cybercop hunting a serial killer operating in the underground culture of "feeders" who force-feed women to make them obese; see our previous item here. Following on August 22 is EVIL (To Kako), a Greek shocker in the vein of 28 DAYS LATER. Directed by Yorgos Noussais, it begins with workmen discovering a mysterious cave beneath the streets of Athens; those who venture into it become stricken by a plague that turns them into raving, flesh-hungry ghouls. Soon only a small group of survivors is left, fleeing through a city full of infected killers.

Here's a review from TLA's site:
Reportedly the first zombie movie to emanate from Greece (Euro-horror fans, correct me if I'm mistaken), Evil is less concerned with delivering scares than it is with presenting a rapid-fire series of increasingly over-the-top gross-out gags and gore sequences that place the film in the same camp (in all senses of that term) as the early low-budget splatterfests of Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi. If you're not already a gorehound/horror movie fanatic, then move on. But if you do fall into that category, then 29-year-old writer-director Yorgos Noussias' feature debut will provide you with gratifyingly gruesome entertainment. The plot is typical zombie fare: the plague of walking undead begins, and a group of random strangers in downtown Athens, including a wise-cracking cab driver, a teenaged girl who just lost her parents, a tough-guy soldier, an even tougher young woman, etc., must band together to combat the flesh-eating hordes. With a minimum of plot and characterization, and a maximum of blood-drenched action, Noussias starts the proceedings off with a bang and then never lets up, providing all the exploding heads, flying intestines, and household object impalements one could desire, and it has a hell of a final shot. Evil delivers the genre goods. Effects workis way above a low-budget level, and the gore quotient is satisfyingly high.

Check Out Freak Out Clips

Freak Out Clips

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From Bloody-Disgusting:
If you head on over to the official website for the UK horror/comedy Freak Out! (review), you can watch three special clips from the upcoming DVD release, which hits UK DVD on May 29th and US DVD in October thanks to Anchor Bay. In Christian James' film two best friends, Merv Doody (James Heathcote) and Onkey (Dan Palmer), take a hapless escaped mental patient under their wing and attempt to teach him how to become a real serial killer.

Marvel Zombies Sells Out

Marvel Zombies Sells Out,
Going Back to Press

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From Comic Book Resources:

The concluding issue of the surprise success Marvel Zombies has sold out at Diamond and to the satisfaction of many, Marvel is going back to press on Marvel Zombies #5 with an all-new variant cover by Arthur Suydam.

This latest Zombie variant by Suydam is a undead homage to the cover of Silver Surfer #1.

Read more here...

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fund Forever Dead

Got a Buck?

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If so, you should give it to these folks, who had this smashing idea:
We are looking for sponsors for our independent zombie movie The Forever Dead. We have already had great success with our short zombie movie Second Death. The Forever Dead is the prequel to Second Death and will be feature length.

For more info visit our site: or read our myspace blog:

Forever Dead is the twisted tale of 6 individuals caught up in an amazing chain of events that ultimately leads to total zombie chaos. Though they seem to be strangers to each other they end up having more in common then they realize. High on gore and yes it actually has a really good plot too!

For just $1 you can get your name in the credits for our movie. Each and every sponsor will be named on the closing credits. If you would like to contribute more be my guest. Contributions of $50 or more will recieve DVD copies of both our movies and an invitation to our premier in late October in Raleigh, NC.

Thank you for your interest in our movie and please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Christine Parker, Executive Producer, The Forever Dead
This is a great way to support indie filmmaking, and reward these people for being for clever! Click here to give a buck...or more.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Am Legend

I am Legend Getting Started

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From Bloody-Disgusting:
Almost a decade later the highly anticipated, and much delayed I Am Legend looks like it finally is getting off the ground. A few months back it was announced that Francis (Constantine) Lawrence will helm the adaptation, which is based on the Richard Matheson novel, today things took a big step toward green. It was announced tonight that Will Smith will star in the pic for Warner Bros. Pictures, according to Variety.

Variety reports:
Will Smith will star in "I Am Legend," the long-gestating Warner Bros. adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel to be directed by "Constantine" helmer Francis Lawrence.

Smith has a pay-or-play deal to make "Legend" his next project, after he completes "Tonight, He Comes" at Sony.

"Legend" came closest to getting made back in 1997 with Ridley Scott directing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Warners applied the brakes because the budget hovered around $108 million, a figure considered high at the time. The fact Schwarzenegger was coming off the disappointing "Batman & Robin" and "Jingle All the Way" didn't help matters.

Michael Bay and Smith then aligned to have a go at the film in 2002, but the pairing didn't advance.

WB regained momentum last fall, when it assigned Lawrence to direct and Akiva Goldsman to rewrite and produce. The "Da Vinci Code" scribe has a working relationship with Smith from his last sci-fi hit, "I, Robot," and from "Tonight, He Comes," which Goldsman is producing with Michael Mann, Smith and James Lassiter.

Goldsman rewrote an original script by Mark Protosevich. Goldsman will produce with Erwin Stoff, David Heyman and Neal Moritz. The latter two originally set the picture up when they were partners, which illustrates just how long Warners has been trying to make the film.

Set in post-apocalyptic New York, "Legend" is about the last healthy man following the release of a virus that decimates the population. To survive, he must battle mutants that wreak havoc during the night.

Smith has a pretty full plate, having recently signed onto the Fox pitch "Greenbacks" and with plans to topline Universal's adaptation of "It Takes a Thief." Also on his schedule is a starring role in Columbia's "Time Share" opposite Nicolas Cage.

Smith's "Legend" deal clears the way for WB to plot an early 2007 start date on the actioner, which will be shot in New York.

WB will secure a co-financier to share its budget; sources said Village Roadshow Pictures is likely to be that partner.

Matheson's tale previously formed the basis for the Vincent Price starrer "The Last Man on Earth" and the Charlton Heston vehicle "The Omega Man."

Zombie Cops

Zombie Cops

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What's going on with the cops' hand?

Here's a slightly amusing little ditty from The Daily Vanguard, from Portland State Univeristy. Tage was obviously interviewing fellow student to find out about their seedy criminal pasts--here's what one student had to say:

Have you ever been in trouble or been arrested or been in trouble or anything?
I don’t know if I can talk about that.

Well, you’re anonymous so you can say whatever you want.
The last time I got arrested was for being in the cemetery late at night.

Now, you say ‘the last time’, have you been arrested numerous times or … ?
Nah, I used to live in Texas and cops are kind of assholes there, I used to get in trouble a lot for breaking and entering ‘n stuff like that …

You can get in trouble in Oregon for breaking and entering though.
But it wasn’t anything bad, it jus’ like, I liked to take walks at night. And sometimes I would be in areas that I wasn’t allowed to be in.

What do you mean areas that you weren’t allowed to be in?
Cemeteries or like parks that I wasn’t allowed to be in. The cemetery that I got arrested at was an open cemetery, but they still like, arrested me. They handcuffed everything and me. I was like with a group of three … I was with my sisters.

What were the cops like?
Assholes. They threw my friend on the ground! They said we were resisting arrest but I thought they were zombies like they didn’t have any lights on and they were like limping towards us and I was like ‘Oh my God! Zombies!’

Were you on something? You thought they were zombies?!
No, I wasn’t … well okay if you see some guy without a flashlight like limping towards you … and so I started running and these cops threw my friend down and was like ‘Everybody stop resisting arrest!’ And we’re like ‘We’re not we just thought you were zombies!’ My friend was like ‘Dude, we didn’t know you were cops. You didn’t have any lights and you didn’t say anything.’ So like they were just assholes.

Yeah, zombie cops!

Wacky Aussie Zombies

Video of the Brisbane Zombie Walk

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Check it out here.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

AoD at WoH

Free Army of Darkness Comics
at Burbank WoH

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From Fango:
Rare collectible editions of Devil's Due Publishing/Dynamite Entertainment's ARMY OF DARKNESS: ASHES TO ASHES #1 comics will be distributed to the first 800 Gold customers at the next FANGORIA's Weekend of Horrors convention, presented by Anchor Bay Entertainment, to be held June 2-4, 2006 at LA's Burbank Airport Hilton (2500 Hollywood Way). Never available to consumers, these special-edition comics were printed in 2004 as retailer incentives and not sold directly to the public. The ARMY OF DARKNESS comics will be included inside the complimentary Weekend of Horrors goodie bag, which will be available at the door while supplies last. The bags will be stuffed with other free movie memorabilia items and promotional giveaways from the year's hottest genre films.

TDTCB at LI Fest

Goldberg's The Day They Came Back
at Long Island Film Festival

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From Fango:
Filmmaker Scott Goldberg gave Fango the word that his zombie short THE DAY THEY CAME BACK, starring Paul (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III) Kratka, will premiere Thursday, May 4 at the 2006 Long Island Film Festival, which runs May 4-7 at the Glen Cove Cinemas (5 School Street, Glen Cove, NY). DAY has already won the Long Island Fest's Best Short Screenplay award, will be accompanied by Goldberg's ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, and there will be a Q&A afterward with the filmmaker and his cast and crew. In addition, Goldberg tells Fango, "HORROR BUSINESS director Christopher P. Garetano will be there shooting scenes for his upcoming follow-up documentary SON OF HORROR BUSINESS. THE DAY THEY CAME BACK has also been accepted into the 2006 Pocono Mountains Film Festival, and will play at this year's Eerie Horror Film Festival and It Came from Lake Michigan Film Festival as well. My next film is called THE FOREST HILLS, and will be shooting this June on Long Island and also in Kentucky." You can find out more about Goldberg's movies at his official website.

Zombie Prom Review

Zombie Prom Review at Film Treat

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From Film Threat:
When you put nuclear power in the same movie as zombies and then add RuPaul to the mix, you’ve got something that makes you wonder if the indies hate us as much as Hollywood, but in a different direction.

But watching “Zombie Prom” will prove out that this isn’t the case.

This is a thirty six minute musical about love, death, nuclear power, the undead, civil rights, lost loves and found loves. In that order.

Read the rest right here...

Rocky Marquette

Interview with
Mortuary's Rocky Marquette

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From Bloody-Disgusting:
Rocky Marquette is an actor who made his horror debut in the most memorable way possible. In Sheldon Wilson’s 2004 horror film, Shallow Ground, Marquette makes an unforgettable entrance as a completely naked and blood-covered boy, stalking through the woods and carrying a large hunting knife. Now, he has followed up that role with a less naked turn as Grady, one of the characters in Tobe Hooper’s latest film, Mortuary. And he has another intriguing horror movie coming up, Mark Jones’ Triloquist, where he plays the lead. Click here for Elaine Lamkin's exclusive interview.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Duza's Jesus Freaks on Pre-Order!

Duza's Jesus Freaks
Available for Pre-order

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You want this. Yes, you do. From Andre Duza, author of Dead Bitch Army, comes this zombie opus. Check it out:

For God so loved the world that he gave his only two begotten sons… and a few million zombies.

Thugs, pushers, gangsters, rapists, murderers; Detective Philip Makane thought he'd seen it all until he awoke on the morning of Easter Sunday 2015, to a world filled with bleeding rain, ravenous zombies, a homicidal ghost, and the sudden arrival of two men with extraordinary powers who both claim to be Jesus Christ in the flesh.

Here's what folks are saying about The Duze:

"Andre Duza is one of the most exciting new voices in horror fiction. His prose hits like a fist full of razor blades. Get in line early and enjoy the hell out of the ride." --Brian Keene, Bestselling Author of The Rising and Terminal

"Andre Duza is a new writer who's serving notice: he's not going to be afraid to take risks. Count on him for ideas to make you think and images to disturb your sleep." --Thomas F. Monteleone

"Unique and aggressive… Duza’s narrative style has me hooked!" --Travis Adkins, author of Twilight of the Dead

"Quite possibly the most underrated new author on the scene today." -Horror Fiction Review

You want it now, don't you? Of course you do. So, pre-order Jesus Freaks right here.

Horrors of War Screenings

Horrors of War Screenings

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See if there's one near you!

8702 Keystone Crossing, Suite 201A
Indianapolis, IN 46240
(317) 579-3009

HORRORS OF WAR to screen in AUSTIN on THURSDAY May 11th at 7:PM
2025 Guadalupe Street in the Dobie Mall
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 472-FILM

HORRORS OF WAR to screen in SEATTLE on THURSDAY May 18th at 7:PM
4329 University Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 781-5755

HORRORS OF WAR to screen in SAN FRANCISCO on TUESDAY May 23rd at 7:PM
1572 California Street at Polk
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 267-4893

HORRORS OF WAR to screen in LA on THURSDAY May 25th at 7:PM
Westside Pavilion Cinemas
10800 Pico Boulevard at Overland Avenue
West Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 281-8223

Click the links for showtimes and those kinds of details. Ticket price for all areas is $10

Free Undead Anthology!

Win a Free Copy of
The Undead Anthology

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Permuted Press and Homepage of the Dead are giving away 2 copies of the acclaimed zombie anthology THE UNDEAD. If you're one of those unfortunate souls who has yet to purchase a copy (or if you've read your copy so many times it's fallen apart) here's your chance to win one!

Just go to:

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Wanted: Undead or Alive

Wanted: Undead or Alive

From Fango:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) Denton and Chris (HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL) Kattan have signed to co-star in WANTED: UNDEAD OR ALIVE, joining FEAST's Navi Rawat (pictured), whose casting was announced late last week. She plays an Apache princess and Denton and Kattan are two cowboys, all three tangling with a sheriff and his zombie posse in the horror/comedy/Western. The second film to roll under Odd Lot Entertainment's new Dark Lot banner after the currently shooting LIVING HELL (see previous item here), WANTED rolls May 8 in Santa Fe, New Mexico for writer/director Glasgow Phillips. You can read more about the movie at Phillips' blog devoted to it.

Freak Out!

Freak Out Finally Comes to DVD

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From Bloody-Disgusting:

One of our favorite little indie films over the past few years is Dan Palmer and Christian James' Freak Out! (review), which Anchor Bay picked up sometime last year. Today we were informed by the duo that the DVD will finally arrive here in the States (and in Canada) this October, while you lucky UK dogs get it on May 28th! In the film two best friends, Merv Doody (James Heathcote) and Onkey (Dan Palmer), take a hapless escaped mental patient under their wing and attempt to teach him how to become a real serial killer. Visit the official website for more info.


Merv Doody (James Heathcote) is a true horror aficionado. He's seen it all. That's when fate delivers an inept psycho killer to his doorstep. At first, Merv is interested in not getting killed, but then it becomes something more. He must transform this bumbling reject from the local asylum into the ultimate killing machine. Enlisting the aid of his best friend Onkey (Dan Palmer), they set about making the best slasher in the world. Forget Jason and Freddy. They're losers. The man with the spatula (that's right, I said spatula. You wanna make something of it, Sissy?) learns his lessons too well. It isn't long before the man with the hockey mask and orange jumper is carving a path of destruction through the sleepy town of Redwater Cove. Merv and Onkey find that they are the only two who can stop the murderous rampage of their own creation. The only question is how do you destroy an unstoppable machine of utter madness?

There are zombies in there somewhere. Like this one:

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Meet Foree Tomorrow

Ken Foree @ Rob Zombie Double Bill

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From Fango:
The on-line film journal Reverse Shot and New York City’s Makor, located in the Steinhardt Center of the 92nd Street Y (35 West 67th Street), have a treat for fright fans this Saturday, April 22. That night starting at 8 p.m., they’ll present a Rob Zombie double feature of HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, and actor Ken (DAWN OF THE DEAD) Foree will be on hand to talk about his role in the latter film as Charlie Altamont (pictured). Admission to the event is $20, and ticket pre-orders and other information can be found here.
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Zombies Review

Zombies (aka The Children) Review

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From MoviesOnline:
Having seen a rough cut of this film (now titled "The Children") at a UCLA screening, I can say that as straight-to-video films go, it isn't entirely bad.

J.S. Cardone (the writer and director) gave a question and answer session after the film, and made it a point to say it was more of a "fairytale" then a horror film. Considering that the villians of the film are children that kill and eat their victims, it's a horror flick all the way.
Read the whole thing right here...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Walking Dead Statues

CS More to Make Walking Dead Statue

From Bloody-Disgusting:
The Walking Dead creator and writer Robert Kirkman has granted The CS Moore Studio the license to create statues and other items based on the highly popular and critically-acclaimed Image Comics series, according to The Studio’s first piece will be a dramatic statue of the series hero Rick Grimes fighting off zombies from the hood of a crashed muscle car. This limited-edition statue will have the detail and quality that collectors have come to expect from Clayburn Moore and The CS Moore Studio, and will bring Kirkman’s story to life (so to speak) for the horror series’ legions of fans. Read on for a pic from the comic, which will be transformed into the statue...
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An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. Rick Grimes finds himself one of the few survivors in this terrifying future. A couple months ago he was a small town cop who had never fired a shot and only ever saw one dead body. Separated from his family, he must now sort through all the death and confusion to try and find his wife and son. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally begin living.

Zombie Jieitai at Dead by Dawn

Second All-Night Program Added to
Scotland's Dead by Dawn Fest

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From Fango:

Adele Hartley, organizer and director of Scotland’s acclaimed Dead by Dawn horror festival in association with Filmhouse, has announced a second all-night program beginning just after midnight Saturday, April 22, to accommodate those who can’t into the main fest, which is already completely sold out! It’s a long night of frights—the rundown is as follows:

Naoyuki Tomomatsu’s ZOMBIE JIEITAI (ZOMBIE SELF-DEFENSE FORCE), preceded by the shorts LUCKY and LAST BLOOD
• Simon Boyes and Adam Mason’s BROKEN (pictured), preceded by the shorts EL DESAFIO A LA MUERTE and REPOSE EN PAIX
• Billy O’Brien’s ISOLATION, preceded by the short DEADLY TANTRUM
• Bar opens for breakfast, though you might not want to eat before seeing…
• Graeme Whifler’s NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, preceded by the short LE BOURREAU DES INNOCENTS
• Carl Bessai’s SEVERED, preceded by the short GORGONAS

Tickets are £20 for the whole shebang, and are on sale now and available any day after 12 noon from the Filmhouse box office (0131-228-2688).
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Click here to view a trailer for Zombie Jieitai.

Ge Rouge

Glenn Danzig's Ge Rouge

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From MoviesOnline:
Glenn Danzig (founder of "The Misfits", "Samhain" and "Danzig"), has handed in his final script draft for "Ge Rouge", the movie adaptation of his and Calvin Irving's comic, puplished by his own comic book company Verotik. The last news about the movie still says that the plan is to begin filming in May.
Also an actor has been chosen for the Murderous "Papa John" and according to the company we will "flip" when they tell us who it is. The actor was Danzig's first choice for the roll and its said that after meeting with him he knew this actor 'Was' Papa John. Well, in earlier interviews Danzig already said that the part was written for Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs ("Cooley High", "30 Miles"). So lets wait and see if he really takes/gets the role.
The movie will takes place in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century and tells the story of Papa John Carrefour, who believed he was the baddest Voodoo. But then a young Ge Rouge came to town, and started getting more and more attention. Papa John was jealous so he set up Ge Rouge to have him murdered and succeeded at giving him a swamp grave. Years later a girl named Kulev finds the body of Ge Rouge and he is brought back to life. Just thinking about revenge, he makes Kulev his Voodoo Queen. Together they now want to kill Papa John Carrefour. But Papa John sends Zombies after the two to stop them....

Dorm of the Dead

Tiffany Shepis in Dorm of the Dead

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From Fango:
Fango got the word from indie filmmaker Donald (AN EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS) Farmer about his latest horror project, DORM OF THE DEAD, which stars rising fave actress Tiffany Shepis (pictured right with co-star Ciara Richards). Shepis plays a student at Arkham University named Amy, who accidentally unleashes a ghoul plague upon her school, where there's already a conflict going on between the campus bitches and Goth chicks. �I�ve been wanting to work with Tiffany for years, and this script provided the opportunity," Farmer says. "When my friend Tom Proctor needed the perfect actress last year for his movie THE SUGAR CREEK KILLER, I was happy to send Tiffany his way. But now I'm really excited to finally have Tiffany in one of my own movies!"

Also in the cast are Andrea Brooke ("Miss Howard Stern"), Jackey (IT FEEDS) Hall and Adrianna Eder. "Ciara and Adrianna are both acting students at a private school where I teach," Farmer notes. "I had the luxury of picking the cream of my students for this movie, and they're definitely two of the best in my classes!"

Chris (ZOMBIEGEDDON) Watson serves as both director of photography and special makeup FX supervisor, with Howl Films' Jackie (CREEPOZOIDS) Napoli on board as executive producer. You can keep updated on the movie and see more photos like the one above at DORM OF THE DEAD's MySpace page.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dead Eyes Open Interview

Image hosting by Photobucket

Check out Spiral's new interview with
Roy Boney and Matt Shepherd of Dead Eyes Open!

Zombies in Milwaukee

Zombies from Beyond hits Milwaukee

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From the Advance Titan Online:
A flying saucer lands in the heart of Milwaukee, disrupting a “Leave it to Beaver”-type neighborhood as a troupe of female zombies from Planet X set out to capture male specimens to repopulate their planet.

The drama will unfold as Valcq’s witty musical, “Zombies from the Beyond,” invades the Frederic March Theatre April 21-23, 26 -27 and 29-30.

“Zombies,” a parody of famous science fiction movies like “Invaders from Mars” and “War of the Worlds,” is set in 1955 at a fictional Milwaukee Space Center. The alien-filled comedy is directed by UW-Oshkosh drama professor Merlaine Angwall, who selected the production based on its humorous script.

Ticket prices are $10 for general admission, $8 for senior citizens and $3 for Oshkosh students with ID. For additional ticket information and reservations call the Frederic March Theatre box office, 424-4417.

You love Debbie, too.

Debbie Does Burbank

Image hosting by Photobucket

From Fango:
FANGORIA TV hostess Debbie Rochon has joined the lineup of the next FANGORIA’s Weekend of Horrors convention, presented by Anchor Bay Entertainment, to be held June 2-4, 2006 at LA’s Burbank Airport Hilton (2500 Hollywood Way). Best known for her sultry turns in such films as WITCHOUSE 3 (pictured), TROMEO & JULIET, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, BLOOD RELIC and over 100 other low-budget screamfests, Rochon will introduce showings of her FANGORIA TV series TRAILER PARK. The actress also appeared as a commentator on last fall’s FANGORIA TV/Monsters HD telecast of the New York Village Halloween Parade.
They haven't listed her zombie credits here, but she has enough to get mentioend at ZAGG. Besides, who doesn't love Debbie?

You love this guy.

Giovanni Lombardo Radice in The Omen

Image hosting by Photobucket
How can one forget Radice in City of the Living Dead?

No, The Omen isn't zombie related, but Radice certainly is--so if you're a fan, this would interest you. From Fango:

Fox’s upcoming remake of THE OMEN has garnered attention for its impressive ensemble, including Liev (SCREAM) Schreiber, Julia (EDMOND) Stiles, Mia (ROSEMARY’S BABY) Farrow, Pete (DARK WATER) Postlethwaite, Michael (HARRY POTTER) Gambon and David (DRAGONHEART) Thewlis. But perhaps the most intriguing casting for hardcore horror fans is the actor playing the treacherous Father Spiletto (memorably limned by British character actor Martin Benson of GORGO in the 1976 hit): Fango can reveal that the thespian donning the cassock this time is none other than Giovanni Lombardo Radice, the Italian scream star better known as John Morghen.

Radice/Morghen turned up in a slew of Italian splatterfests throughout the 1980s and ’90s, suffering spectacular demises in CANNIBAL FEROX (a.k.a. MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY) and Lucio Fulci’s THE GATES OF HELL, and later turning up in the Michele Soavi films THE SECT, THE CHURCH and STAGEFRIGHT. As THE OMEN’s Spiletto, Radice convinces the grieving Robert Thorn (Schreiber) to unwittingly adopt the baby Antichrist after his wife (Stiles) miscarries, setting in motion the infernal mischief to come. Thorn later confronts Spiletto, who has suffered a gruesome retribution of his own. See FANGORIA #254 (on sale May 23) for an exclusive preview of THE OMEN, which opens June 6. The same issue features an interview with Benson, who also appeared in the likes of NIGHT CREATURES, GOLDFINGER, THE 3 WORLDS OF GULLIVER, BATTLE BENEATH THE EARTH and THE COSMIC MONSTERS

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Human Residue at Fango

Human Residue at Fango

Image hosting by Photobucket

From Fango:
Fango has learned that UK director Chris Bouchard will commence principal photography this July on HUMAN RESIDUE, an ambitious low-budget feature film he plans to release free to the Internet. Working with a cast and crew comprised entirely of volunteers, Bouchard, who will also executive-produce, provides Fango with the lowdown (and some advance photos, above and below) on his project.

"I've been making short films for more than five years now, but this is actually the first feature I've directed," Bouchard says. Joined by fellow members of UK's York University Filmmaking Society, the director and his growing production team recruited, "several local filmmakers as well as international artists and writers. We used Internet film communities to find writers, actors, concept artists and effects people. Most of the team are not working film industry professionals, but enthusiasts and volunteers who want to prove they can do it just as good!"

To read the rest, click here.

Call for Screenplays

LA Screamfest's Call for Screenplays

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From Bloody-Disgusting:
Rachel Belofsky, president and founder of SCREAMFEST LA Horror Film Festival and partner Stan Winston announce a call for entries for its 6th annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival and Screenplay Competition. The festival takes place October 13th – 22rd at the prestigious Grauman’s Mann Chinese 6 at Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood. The largest film festival held in Los Angeles, Screamfest, is an internationally recognized showcase for independent filmmakers and writers of the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres. Film entries are being accepted in the categories of Best Feature, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Special Effects and Musical Score to name a few. In addition, there are special categories for Best Animation, Best Short, Best Documentary and Best Student Film. The normal deadline for film submissions is July 15th, with a late deadline of August 15th. Screamfest accepts film completed after January 1st, 2003. The deadline for screenplay submissions is June 15th, with a late deadline of August 15th. Visit the official website for more details.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Down the Road

Down the Road Available
for Pre-Order

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From Permuted Press:
Permuted Press' special edition of Bowie Ibarra's zombie novel Down the Road is now available for pre-order on our website. The special edition includes

- New introduction by Travis Adkins, author of Twilight of the Dead.
- New "Director's Commentary" afterword by Bowie Ibarra.
- Amazing new cover art (visit our website to view a larger version!).
- Newly formatted and corrected manuscript.
- Sneak preview of the sequel, Down the Road: On the Last Day.

All of this at 10% off when you pre-order direct from Permuted Press. We're also offering a "Zombie Special": pre-order Down the Road along with our zombie anthology The Undead and get a whopping 20% off... that's over $5 off!

PLUS, we're offering yet another pre-order bonus: all those who pre-order Down the Road will be entered in a drawing to win a signed limited edition of Simon Clark's classic zombie novel Blood Crazy. This ultra-rare edition was limited to 1000 copies!
Pre-order right here!

Island of the Dead

Island of the Dead

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From Fango:

Seattle-based writer/director Eric Snyder passed on some photos (see more below) and info on ISLAND OF THE UNDEAD, which is nearing the end of production for Incision Entertainment. Scott Corl produces and serves as cinematographer on the indie feature, and Tracy Sing, Neil D. Paris, Monica Patterson, Greg Hammers and Snyder himself star. The filmmaker provided a synopsis: “A group of friends embark on a weekend getaway to a cabin on a small secluded island. The trip starts out relaxing and the times are good. As a joke, one of the friends chants a spell that supposedly put a curse on the island in the 1960s, and things go downhill from there. They start to turn on each other as the whole island seems to change. Soon, they are dealing with demonic possession and ravenous flesheating corpses. Now, it’s a fight for their lives to get off the island, all the while not knowing who to trust.

“We are about 75 percent done with production,” Snyder tells Fango, “and we just got verbal confirmation on a cameo by the actor Bradley [THE BROTHERHOOD] Stryker. I’m hoping to attract attention to raise a little more capital, and maybe add a couple more familiar faces in bit parts.” A trailer can currently be seen at the movie’s MySpace page, and will also be visible soon at the ISLAND official website.

RE: Extinction

RE: Extinction Casting News

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Photo from the Oded Fehr Appreciation Site.

From Fango:
Oded Fehr (pictured) has signed to co-star in RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION, the third film in the video game-based franchise, reprising his role from the previous RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE. Also back from that film are Sienna Guillory, Mike Epps, Iain (DARKNESS) Glen and, of course, series star Milla Jovovich. Russell Mulcahy directs this latest installment, which, like the other EVILs, was scripted by Paul W.S. Anderson and is produced by Anderson and his Impact Pictures partner Jeremy Bolt, along with Constantin Film's Robert Kulzer. EXTINCTION, presumably to be released by Screen Gems, rolls next month in Mexico; Fehr first came to filmgoers' attention as Ardeth Bay in the MUMMY films.
From MoviesOnline:
According to Variety, Sienna Guillory will be back as Jill Valentine in "Resident Evil Extinction". The film will be produced by Germany's Constantin Film and Impact Pictures and directed by Russell Mulcahy. Filming is scheduled to begin in mid-May in Mexicali, Mexico. Milla Jovovich will also be back and star as "Alice" besides Mike Epps, Oded Fehr, and Iain Glen.
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RE filming news, also from MoviesOnline:
A scooper who is an extra in the upcoming Resident Evil movie wrote in to let us know that the film is filming in Mexico, specifically in Lagunda Salada which is a massive dried up lakebed. "Laguna Salada", is a dried up lake on the outskirts of the city, near "La Rumorosa" which is a mountain. Here is what he had to say.

Hi I’m from Mexicali B.C.N. it’s located south to Calexico CA. on México, today was the casting for the zombies papers on the new Resident Evil 3 movie, on the "Secretaria of turismo", I know, I was there, and passed, according to them, the shootings are gonna begin on July – August, only thin people and people that looked like North Americans where asked to sign up with their personal papers for the shooting.

There is no official storyline available, due to the fact that the movie still is in pre-production. Its said that "Extinction" (the third part) will be set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with mutant zombies and will play in the Nevada desert. Alice is running with a new pack of humans, leading a caravan that's cutting through the Nevada desert on a long trek to Alaska. Hunted by the minions of the perpetually scheming Dr. Isaacs, Alice has zombies hungry for her flesh and lab rats hungry for her blood - while Alice herself is hungry for only one thing: revenge.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Hide & Creep on Sci-Fi

Hide & Creep comes to Sci-Fi

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From MoviesOnline:
Hide And Creep is coming to Cable. Thursday May 11. 7 p.m. Eastern time. On the Sci Fi Channel. Yes the very entertaining indie zombie movie is getting its big shot on tv. I am not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you it is the greatest zombie movie ever made but it was fun and their is one scene with two little girls that will have you laughing your arse off. For a sci-fi network flick you will love it. You can checkout three user contributed reviews below.
In the sleepy town of Thorsby, Alabama, no one had a life. Then the dead showed up. Now instead of just killing time the people of Thorsby are killing each other, taking up arms as the zombies take to the streets, the barbecue joints and the strip bars. Soon spaceships are flying overhead, federal agents are patrolling the grounds and a few fearless individuals are joining forces to run like hell.

A story about the lives we forget to lead, the people we fail to bury properly and the scary-ass creatures we have to eliminate along the way, Hide and Creep is a celebration of those who rise to the occasion just when all hope and television reception seem lost. A zombie film with brains, a comedy with boobs, Hide and Creep puts us on the front lines of a backwater town in crisis, giving us a taste of a community starving for action and a murderous horde hungry for human flesh.

Inspired by the horror/humor short Birthday Call, Hide and Creep is the first feature-length film by Crewless Productions of Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 2001 by Chuck Hartsell and Chance Shirley, Crewless is an independent film company in spirit, in content and--most noticeably to all those who pay the bills--in financial capital. In addition to Birthday Call and Hide and Creep, Crewless Productions' film roster includes the shorts The Seven Year Switch, Tit For Tat and Reciprocity.


Grindhouse: Project Terror
shut down for good?

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What the hell? This is from Bloody-Disgusting:
One of regular (and most reliable) scoopers dropped us a line this afternoon with some depressing news. According to our source Robert Rodriquez's "Project Terror" was officially shut down for good as of yesterday- the crew was let go and everything. It may gear up again next year, but who knows. Until then, there's no word on the fate of Tarantino's "Death Proof", which is scheduled to shoot in LA this summer. WeinsteinCo.'s Grind House double feature was scheduled to hit theaters December 1st, but it looks like we may be waiting until next year- but who knows maybe they'll pull a "Kill Bill" and 'Project Terror' will end up being a Volume 2 so to speak. Watch for an official statement in the coming weeks for official word. Rodriguez's part, "Project Terror," will be a zombie pic, while Tarantino's section, "Death Proof," will a slasher seg.


Zombie goodness in
Killer Shorts: Part 3

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From Fango:
The New York City Horror Film Festival has teamed with to present KILLER SHORTS: PART 3, a collection of frightening minimovies taking place next Monday, April 17 at 7 p.m. at NYC�s Two Boots Pioneer Theater (155 East 3rd Street and Avenue A).
The list of titles includes this zombie short:
Ezzo Avendano Dario's ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL (OTRO LADRILLO EN LA PARED): Dario, a bricklayer, is tired of his life. His only relief is to dream of becoming a wrestling champion. One night, a punk group invades his construction site to perform a voodoo ritual. Now Dario will have to survive the invaders and the group of living dead that they have resurrected.
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dead and Gone

Exclusive Photos from Dead and Gone

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From Fango:
With the dilapidated cabin and nearby eccentric redneck neighbors his only stimuli, Jack begins to flirt with the local constable (Shure), an Iraq War vet so traumatized by her overseas experience that she refuses to even carry a gun. The courtship is put on hold however when Frankie regains consciousness. With unnatural vigor, she resumes her relentless taunting of Jack, which does little to improve her husband’s psyche. On the contrary, Frankie’s vitriolic behavior forces him to do the unthinkable: to smother her. This being a horror film, though, her death isn’t as decisive as Jack may have liked.
From more news and more photos, click here.


Dobkin Takes on R.I.P.D.

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From Movieweb:
After Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin handles Paul Giamatti and Vince Vaughn in the upcoming Santa Clause holiday comedy, he'll take on the comic book film, R.I.P.D.

CHUD recently spoke with Phil Hay, who's writing a film adaptation of the comic book. He spilled some beans about David taking directing duties.

"It's kind of about a spectral police force. It's very much a Ghostbusters or Men In Black vibe. It's an action comedy, very heavy on the comedy. That process has been really great, and I think it's going to be a good movie. Dobkin is incredibly good at this stuff." As for when the film will be out? "We are working as fast as we can. I don't know anything officially, but we're all very excited about it and we're trying to get it out there as soon as we can."

Phil and his writing partner, Matt Drake, most recently worked on a script called Parasyte; Right now, Japanese director Takashi Shimizu is set to direct.

Phil says of that film, "We haven't been involved in the project in a while and I know there were other drafts and things, so I'm not exactly sure what direction he's planning to go with it. I certainly think it can be a very interesting and cool movie."

No word on a date for R.I.P.D.; Parasyte is set to be released later this year.

Undead WoH

More Zombie Action
for Burbank WoH

Streiner and Russo, Together Again

From Fango:
Original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD co-creator John Russo and co-producer/actor Russ (“Johnny”) Streiner have joined the lineup of the next FANGORIA’s Weekend of Horrors convention, presented by Anchor Bay Entertainment, to be held June 2-4, 2006 at LA’s Burbank Airport Hilton (2500 Hollywood Way). Russo will accompany the team from Avatar Press, publishers of his ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD comic. Editor William Christensen will be representing Avatar at the show as well. Russo and Streiner will have news on their upcoming ESCAPE movie production.
Rusty Nails' Dead On Preview to Screen

From Fango:
Rusty Nails, director of the indie film ACNE, will discuss and screen clips from his upcoming documentary DEAD ON: THE LIFE AND CINEMA OF GEORGE A. ROMERO at the next FANGORIA’s Weekend of Horrors convention, presented by Anchor Bay Entertainment, to be held June 2-4, 2006 at LA’s Burbank Airport Hilton (2500 Hollywood Way). As he did at March’s Chicago Fango, Nails will showcase footage from DEAD ON, which boasts interviews with not only Romero but just about everyone who has ever worked with the Pittsburgh legend—and then some.

Michiagn Zombie Round Up!

Calling all Zombies in Southeast Michigan:
Casting for Cold Dead Hands

Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Non-Union. Director: Matt Pearson. Cold Dead Hands, a zombie film blending comedy, action and good old fashioned gore-horror with just a hint of political commentary. It’s a low/no pay project and will shoot from June – September of 2006 primarily on weekends. Some light choreographed fighting and weapons handling is required for most principle roles.

The story follows six survivors (late 20s-early 30s) as a zombie outbreak spreads through Southeast Michigan and chronicles their struggles against the undead, the elements, and their fellow human beings until they have their hope for escape shattered by the government response.

Auditions:Saturday, April 29 at the Baymont Inn, 30900 Van Dyke from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. Contact us if a later time is needed. In addition to principle cast we're also casting numerous small roles (soldiers, bandits etc.) and zombies of all ages.

Apply to: Tom Mansell

For character breakdowns, click here.

Chicks and Zombies

Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Zombies have taken over the city and the only hope we have for humanity's survival lies in the hands of the three buxom remaining members of the Epsilon Alpha Zeta Upsilon sorority!
To read reviews, see previews and possibly buy, click here.


More Children Shouldn't
Play with Dead Things Concept Art

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From Fango:
While WickedEFX won’t be handling the sum of CHILDREN’s FX (“We’re not doing the entire movie ourselves; Bob is dividing up the major sequences between a few different effects houses,” according to Alvino), Clark, who is also producing, has contracted them to do the “zombie love” piece. “He wants a combination of practical and physical effects,” the artist reveals, “and the sequence he has us in mind for is going to be really funny.“ As for the style they plan to bring to the remake, the conceptual designs pictured above (by WickedEFX artist Mike Carlo) offer a good indication of what to expect. “We’re going for an old-school EC Comics style, based on the vibe of the movie,” Alvino says. “These designs are Bob’s favorite, and it’s from them that we’re developing our zombies’ specific looks.”
For previous art, click here.

More Grindhouse Casting

MORE Grindhouse Casting News

From Bloody-Disgusting:
B-D scooper 'Toenails' is back with more Grind House casting news in Austin, Texas where Robert Rodriquez's 'Project Terror' is on hold for a week or so. Joining 'Terror' are Jeff Fahey (The Lawnmower Man), Rose McGowan (Scream) and Lucy Lawless (Xena). He also "thinks" Danny Trejo is in one of the 'trailers' that will be between the two films and not in any of the films themselves (but nothing is confirmed). He also reports via some local papers that Mickey Rourke plays the bad guy in Quentin Tarantino's 'Death Proof, which will shoot soon in Los Angeles. If you missed the major casting announcement yesterday, click here. Hitting theaters December 1st, Rodriguez's part, "Project Terror," will be a zombie pic, while Tarantino's section, "Death Proof," will a slasher seg.
It's looks like I'm the only person not in Grindhouse.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dead of Summer

Dead of Summer

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Official Website:
After months of hype, I (Marty Day, fine writer of this comic), and the fantabulous artist Nick Borkowicz (aka Ghostfreehood) proudly present this first of what we hope to be many installments in our Baltimore based zombie adventure. As you can tell from this comic already, it’s written in a serial style format, something that we hope allows us to stand outside from the pack when it comes to the highly populated webcomic world. Jump on here, kids, as it’s going to be an exciting ride through the City that ReadsFeeds, Baltimore, Maryland.

This comic is an ever growing, ever changing entity, and in turn, we welcome your praise (we hope), suggestions, and comments (please keep the 4 letter words to a minimum) over at our brand spanking new forums. In addition, here on the site, we have a selection of some of the behind the scenes of making the comic to this point, including the always entertaining zombie reference photos, featuring our good friends from local Baltimore bands Avec and Karmella’s Game.

That reminds me…keep an eye on those zombies in the comic, you never know who you might see next.

And hey! If you’re reading this and enjoying it, come out and support the Baltimore Art Scene, as TONIGHT at 7pm, at the Ottobar in lovely Charm City, Nick, along with photographer Matt Roth, and fellow artist Jeremy Glab, display their art as part of the “Monsters & Mayhem” exhibit and also celebrate the beginning of this here webcomic. Good music, good drinks, and even a little bit of Ghostfreehood/Dead of Summer merch will be available (shiny new pins!), so come out tonight and have a good time.

Thank you again for viewing our comic, and we hope to see you with the next installment, tenatively scheduled for Monday. Until then, pop in the forums, hit up our MySpace Group, and enjoy the world!

There are two panels up so far...keep an eyeball out for more!

Zombie Nancy!

Oh, Zombie Nancy!

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By James.

First there was Zombie Jane Wyman, then there was Zombie Ronald Reagan, and now--Zombie Nancy!
Zombie Banner Exchange