Thursday, April 13, 2006


More Children Shouldn't
Play with Dead Things Concept Art

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From Fango:
While WickedEFX won’t be handling the sum of CHILDREN’s FX (“We’re not doing the entire movie ourselves; Bob is dividing up the major sequences between a few different effects houses,” according to Alvino), Clark, who is also producing, has contracted them to do the “zombie love” piece. “He wants a combination of practical and physical effects,” the artist reveals, “and the sequence he has us in mind for is going to be really funny.“ As for the style they plan to bring to the remake, the conceptual designs pictured above (by WickedEFX artist Mike Carlo) offer a good indication of what to expect. “We’re going for an old-school EC Comics style, based on the vibe of the movie,” Alvino says. “These designs are Bob’s favorite, and it’s from them that we’re developing our zombies’ specific looks.”
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