Tuesday, April 11, 2006


More from Kurtzman

From Fango:
Even as he wraps up his new directorial venture THE RAGE, filmmaker/FX artist Robert Kurtzman (pictured left) reveals to Fango that he and his Precinct 13 Entertainment are tackling the HORROR CHRONICLES series of movies to be produced by DarkLot Entertainment (see our last item here). "P13 is handling all the creature and CGI effects for all four films," Kurtzman tells us. "I'm visual effects and creature effects producer, P13's key CGI artist David [DEVIL'S REJECTS] Matherly is CGI supervisor and Gary [SPIDERS] Jones is creature effects supervisor. I've also been tapped to direct the third feature, BURIED ALIVE, from a screenplay by Art [THE HUNTED] Monterastelli. It's a tale of a group of college friends whose weekend getaway at a remote hunting lodge turns terrifying." Another of these movies will be ZERO DARK THIRTY, the John Stalberg Jr.-directed, Stephen (THE GRUDGE) Susco-scripted chiller that began life as a DEATHDREAM remake (see our last report here) and focuses on the frightening events that accompany the return of an Army soldier from the Middle East to his home town.


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