Monday, April 10, 2006

CSPWDT Concept Art

Children Shouldn't Play with
Dead Things Remake Concept Art

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From Arrow-in-the-Head:
Got some very cool news from Wicked EFX to share with ya'll. They have been hired by Bob Clark to work on the remake of CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS.

The Wicked crew will not handle all of the F/X in the flick, Clark is splitting the work up between various houses, but here's what they know so far - [Bob Clark] ... told me there would be a combination of practical and physical effects in the movie. The sequence he has us in mind for is best described as "zombie love" and it's going to be really funny.

The mind simply reels at the possibilities. They are also providing the F/X for Dante Tomaselli's THE OCEAN, which you probably know will feature one John Fallon gettin' kilt. Here's more on that - We're going to be re-designing much of the stuff we started for THE OCEAN. Dante wants the FX meaner, more horrible, just hideous. Of course, we're happy to oblige! This means your death scene is going to be 18 kinds of wrong instead of just 5 kinds of wrong.


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