Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Zombies, hold the Hooper

Zombies sans Hooper

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From Fango:
TOBE HOOPER’S ZOMBIES. The title alone got the blood pumping. Of course, it also helped that the early poster design you see here was pretty gnarly too. Details were few when the project was first announced; Hooper was in line to direct for Millennium/Nu Image, and furthermore, ZOMBIES would reunite him with TOOLBOX MURDERS scripting duo Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson. Then there was a total information blackout. Hype diminished, and every so often one would find a hiccup of a query from one anxious message board user wondering where the heck those shambling corpses done “Tobe’s way” scampered off to.

Sad news, fiends: ZOMBIES was indeed made, just not under the gun of Hooper, nor under the pen of Gierasch and Anderson, for that matter. Details are unknown as to why Hooper’s ZOMBIES buckled at the knees, but the film is now in postproduction, still at Millennium/Nu Image using the same moniker sans Hooper’s John Hancock, and now under the eye of director J.S. Cardone (THE FORSAKEN, 8MM 2). A quick trip to the IMDb reveals further details including cast and plot specifics, albeit some of them are incorrect—Gierasch and Anderson are still listed as scribes. Lori Heuring plays a widowed mother of two who takes up residency near an old mine where a group of children were buried alive. Geoffrey (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) Lewis and Chloe (THE AMITYVILLE HORROR redux) Moretz also star. Keep watching this space for more news as it comes in; Hooper’s latest film MORTUARY debuts on DVD next Tuesday, April 11, and we’ve got a feature on that posting later this week.


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