Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fund Forever Dead

Got a Buck?

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If so, you should give it to these folks, who had this smashing idea:
We are looking for sponsors for our independent zombie movie The Forever Dead. We have already had great success with our short zombie movie Second Death. The Forever Dead is the prequel to Second Death and will be feature length.

For more info visit our site: or read our myspace blog:

Forever Dead is the twisted tale of 6 individuals caught up in an amazing chain of events that ultimately leads to total zombie chaos. Though they seem to be strangers to each other they end up having more in common then they realize. High on gore and yes it actually has a really good plot too!

For just $1 you can get your name in the credits for our movie. Each and every sponsor will be named on the closing credits. If you would like to contribute more be my guest. Contributions of $50 or more will recieve DVD copies of both our movies and an invitation to our premier in late October in Raleigh, NC.

Thank you for your interest in our movie and please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Christine Parker, Executive Producer, The Forever Dead
This is a great way to support indie filmmaking, and reward these people for being for clever! Click here to give a buck...or more.

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