Monday, April 24, 2006

Duza's Jesus Freaks on Pre-Order!

Duza's Jesus Freaks
Available for Pre-order

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You want this. Yes, you do. From Andre Duza, author of Dead Bitch Army, comes this zombie opus. Check it out:

For God so loved the world that he gave his only two begotten sons… and a few million zombies.

Thugs, pushers, gangsters, rapists, murderers; Detective Philip Makane thought he'd seen it all until he awoke on the morning of Easter Sunday 2015, to a world filled with bleeding rain, ravenous zombies, a homicidal ghost, and the sudden arrival of two men with extraordinary powers who both claim to be Jesus Christ in the flesh.

Here's what folks are saying about The Duze:

"Andre Duza is one of the most exciting new voices in horror fiction. His prose hits like a fist full of razor blades. Get in line early and enjoy the hell out of the ride." --Brian Keene, Bestselling Author of The Rising and Terminal

"Andre Duza is a new writer who's serving notice: he's not going to be afraid to take risks. Count on him for ideas to make you think and images to disturb your sleep." --Thomas F. Monteleone

"Unique and aggressive… Duza’s narrative style has me hooked!" --Travis Adkins, author of Twilight of the Dead

"Quite possibly the most underrated new author on the scene today." -Horror Fiction Review

You want it now, don't you? Of course you do. So, pre-order Jesus Freaks right here.


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