Friday, April 28, 2006

To Kako (Evil): Greek Zombies!

Greek Zombies

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From Fango:
TLA Video gave Fango the details about the first batch of discs to be released in its new Danger After Dark line. Named for the genre- and cult-movie series that runs at the annual Philadelphia Film Festival, the banner will debut June 27 with the DANGER AFTER DARK BOX SET, a limited-edition package containing the previously individually released Japanese films SUICIDE CLUB, 2LDK and MOON CHILD, with newly remastered anamorphic transfers on the first two and optional English subtitles on 2LDK added. Retail price is $29.99.

The company has also set a July 18 DVDebut for FEED, the Brett Leonard-directed sickie about a cybercop hunting a serial killer operating in the underground culture of "feeders" who force-feed women to make them obese; see our previous item here. Following on August 22 is EVIL (To Kako), a Greek shocker in the vein of 28 DAYS LATER. Directed by Yorgos Noussais, it begins with workmen discovering a mysterious cave beneath the streets of Athens; those who venture into it become stricken by a plague that turns them into raving, flesh-hungry ghouls. Soon only a small group of survivors is left, fleeing through a city full of infected killers.

Here's a review from TLA's site:
Reportedly the first zombie movie to emanate from Greece (Euro-horror fans, correct me if I'm mistaken), Evil is less concerned with delivering scares than it is with presenting a rapid-fire series of increasingly over-the-top gross-out gags and gore sequences that place the film in the same camp (in all senses of that term) as the early low-budget splatterfests of Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi. If you're not already a gorehound/horror movie fanatic, then move on. But if you do fall into that category, then 29-year-old writer-director Yorgos Noussias' feature debut will provide you with gratifyingly gruesome entertainment. The plot is typical zombie fare: the plague of walking undead begins, and a group of random strangers in downtown Athens, including a wise-cracking cab driver, a teenaged girl who just lost her parents, a tough-guy soldier, an even tougher young woman, etc., must band together to combat the flesh-eating hordes. With a minimum of plot and characterization, and a maximum of blood-drenched action, Noussias starts the proceedings off with a bang and then never lets up, providing all the exploding heads, flying intestines, and household object impalements one could desire, and it has a hell of a final shot. Evil delivers the genre goods. Effects workis way above a low-budget level, and the gore quotient is satisfyingly high.


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