Monday, August 07, 2006

Dead Rising Signing Event in Redmond, WA.

From Punch-Jump:
Capcom's new Xbox 360 action offering Dead Rising will hold a signing event to allow fans to purchase the game and have it signed by the game's executive producer, Keiji Inafune.

The signing will take place on Aug. 8 from 4 - 6 p.m. at the EB Games at Redmond Town Center in Redmond, Washington.

Dead Rising is an action game where players take the role of a photojournalist in a town overrun by zombies.

The Dead Rising Demo dropped to Xbox Live Marketplace last week and the game officially drops to retail on Aug. 8.

The release is Capcom's first offering for the Xbox 360. It is also in development on the Xbox 360 action game Lost Planet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There isa demo for this on the Xbox Live Marketplace, it contains a small section of the mall, and has a 15 minute limit, but it's free and you can turn on the stove and heat up a frying pan until read hot, and BURN A ZOMBIES FACE OFF!!

You can also dump cooking oil on the floor in the diner and they slip and slide and can't get up. Then you can throw pie at them or bust out the sledgehammer and pop heads. Don't get me started on the bowling ball.

Good stuff.


07 August, 2006  
Blogger Zombie-A-GoGo said...

Thanks for the tip! :)

10 August, 2006  

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