Monday, August 07, 2006

Zombie Dancers Not Charged

You may recall this article from the last big ZAGG update. Well, here's the outcome.

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From AP Wire:
Seven people who were arrested while spruced up in fake blood and tattered clothing and carrying bags with wires sticking out will not be charged, Minneapolis police said Thursday.

Police arrested the group July 22 at the Nicollet Mall light rail station on suspicion of having simulated weapons of mass destruction. Members of the group said they were having a "zombie dance party" when they were arrested.

After consulting with the city attorney's office, police said there wasn't enough evidence to charge the individuals with misdemeanors.

One group member said the "weapons" were actually backpacks modified to carry a homemade stereos.

Police have said they were on high alert because they'd gotten a bulletin about men who wear clown makeup while attacking and robbing people in other states.

This is a seriously sad sign of where we are as a society lately.

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Also, here's an interesting article regarding the incident from Pulse TC:
“Look at what they’ve been doing since 9/11. It’s been a way to take away rights. To put activists on lists,” Jones said, voicing concern about such “intelligence-gathering.” All the young people were fingerprinted, had mugshots taken and were told the FBI would get the information. The Zombie 7 said they may seek legal representation. Jeremy Hansen, Mayor R.T. Rybak’s press aide, released a statement: “The 1st precinct is conducting its own investigation about the incident. The mayor cannot comment until that investigation is complete.”


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