Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Zombie WMDs

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this by now, but what the hell.

From PR Inside:
Six US teenagers dressed as zombies have been arrested on suspicion of carrying weapons of mass destruction.
The group covered themselves in fake blood and ripped their clothes as they danced around a Minneapolis town last Saturday (22.07.06).
Police said the group were carrying bags with wires sticking out, making it look like a bomb. However, one teenager said the bags only contained stereos.
Inspector Janee Harteau said: "They were arrested for behaviour that was suspicious and disturbing. Why would you have those bags if not to intimidate people? It's not a case of police overreacting." Police also revealed they were on high alert because they had been warned about a group of men dressed as clowns attacking residents.
The group were arrested, taken to jail and eventually released. They may face a disorderly conduct charge.
This is retarded, but I don't know who is more retarded...the kids or the cops.


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