Monday, August 07, 2006

Shivers Remake

I have often seen Cronenberg's Shivers on zombie film lists, so I thought I'd go ahead and include this news here. From Fango:
Another project on his docket is a more direct homage to ’70s terror: a remake of David Cronenberg’s first feature SHIVERS, a.k.a. THEY CAME FROM WITHIN. “I started a company last year called Panic Pictures,” Pavia reveals. “I have a producing partner, Bill Thill, and the first project we acquired was SHIVERS. SHIVERS is sick! That movie’s f**ked up! It’s too early to get into my take on it. The original is brilliant, and should live and exist on its own. But there will still be creatures and parasites. My take on it is pretty provocative. I’m gonna attach talent to it before we go out. Hopefully I’ll get the actor I want and I’ll take it around. I’ve got another new script I’m working on too—a scary little movie.


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