Monday, August 07, 2006

Urban Decay

From Fango:
Former TV Superman Dean Cain (pictured), rocker Meat Loaf Aday and sexpot actress Brooke (SINGLE WHITE FEMALE 2) Burns face off against a “homeless cannibal zombie” in URBAN DECAY, a low-budget gorefest that just wrapped lensing in LA. Harry (SOUL’S MIDNIGHT) Basil helmed the film from a script by Don Adams and Harry Picardi (writers/directors of the direct-to-video quickies JIGSAW and VENGEANCE OF THE DEAD). Vincent (HOOD OF HORROR) Guastini, no stranger to rotting corpses, handled the lead ghoul’s three-stage makeup. “URBAN DECAY is an un-politically correct look at the homeless,” says producer Pat (THE EXOTIC HOUSE OF WAX) Siciliano, a Full Moon veteran. “Dean Cain is our zombie hunter in the movie, while Meat Loaf plays a disc jockey.” More details and pics to come.


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