Monday, August 07, 2006

Zombie Girl Interview

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From Side-Line Music Magazine:
SL. The zombie theme is pretty cool, whose idea was it?

S. I would have to say both. I kinda threw the idea in the air and Renee was totally into doing that, as we both dig horror and zombie movies, it felt like the right direction to go. Renee has the natural abilities to be a sexy zombie wondering the earth for brains and flesh. She is a fragile creature you know, she just has this deep and dark needs she can't control.

R. Yes and I crave fresh blood and flesh. Am I joking? Find out tonight. I'll meet you in the deserted parking lot, you know, the one with only one light at the far end....where will I be? Don't worry, I'll find you.

SL. Who does the zombie makeup?

S. Makeup? It's the real thing. Haha, well, for the photos we had a friend of ours here in Edmonton doing it for the Halloween show we did. His plan is to be become a movie make up artist so it turned out sweet. Make up is an important part of the whole thing for Zombie Girl, and sure is fun too. Well except the two hours you have to spend in the shower to get it off later.. whoa.

R. We do, but yeah a friend of ours named Shane in Edmonton, did our first make up and basically we learned from him and online in tutorials.
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