Monday, August 07, 2006

Pittsburgh Zombie Walk?

This article seems not just to be about an upcoming Pittsburgh Zombie Walk, but about Zombie Walk in general. Good times. Be sure to click the link and read the whole thing.

From the Trib:
This type of masquerade is popular in many major cities but has been missing from Pittsburgh -- unofficially titled the "Zombie Capital of the World" for its connection to natives Romero, and horror make-up artist and actor Tom Savini.

Shanna Murphy, 19, of Ingram, said that it seemed appropriate to have a zombie walk in Pittsburgh because of its relationship to the undead. So, she's going to plan one. As vice president and "meticulous planner" of the Obscure Movie Group, a new club on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, Murphy has sent out emails to the club members and posted announcements on online zombie walk message boards. But plans are kept quiet from "humans."

"We want to surprise people, so we're not going to publicly announce the date," Murphy said.

This is the classic way of organizing a walk. All plans are made electronically.


Blogger Shanna Delovely said...

I was just googling around and I saw that the news was blogged. I must say I'm honored. If you or anyone else has questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to email me at

- Shanna Murphy

17 August, 2006  

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