Saturday, January 20, 2007

Zombie Casting Call in Wisconsin!

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From the Wisconsin State Journal:

Dissatisfied with the crop of presidential candidates that's shaping up for '08? Mount Horeb resident Brendan Hartmann wants you to ponder voting for a zombie.

Hartmann is making a film entitled, "Behind the Scenes: The Media and the Zombie Phenomenon," in which the zombies that have risen from graves decide that rather than eating people and causing mayhem, they want to assimilate: demand voting rights, Medicare and the chance to drive SUVs.

"They take a look around and say, "Hey, this is America, this is a free lunch in a whole different way,'" says Hartmann. "They want jobs, duplexes and acceptance just like the rest of us."

In what he describes as his "Frontline-style mockumentary," as the zombies pursue citizenship, the media blow the story out of proportion, while corporations see a cash cow and began catering to zombies as consumers. Eventually, this makes it possible for a zombie to run for president. Hartmann, a local actor, says he got the idea for the film during the 2000 Missouri Senate election when Mel Carnahan posthumously beat John Ashcroft.

Hartmann is seeking dozens of potential actors (everything from speaking parts to zombies to extras) to help make his film a reality and has a casting call Jan. 29 at 7:30 p.m. at the Atwood Community Center. Asked about his goal for the movie, Hartmann says he hopes to "premiere it around Madison and send it to as many film festivals as I can."


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