Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ZAGG Updates Update

So, guys and gals, I've gone over this coming semester's schedule (which begins tomorrow) and have decided that ZAGG will get updated once a week, on Saturday mornings. Why just once a week? Well, to be honest, it seems as though the wild zombie crazy we've been having might be dying down (no pun intended) a bit. The fact is that it takes me about a week to accumulate the same amount of news it took me just a day or two to get about a year ago. So, time-wise, it makes more sense for me to do it like this.

Fear not. I've been a zombie fan long before this most recent popularity cycle and will be for some time to come. So I do intend to keep updating ZAGG, and getting those reviews and interviews here and there. If there's another jump in the amount of news, maybe I'll push updates to twice a week. Who knows?

So, that's that. Thanks for your continued support and expect the next update on the 27th!



Blogger zombiefreak said...

The tried and true zombie fans who loved the genre before it was cool will ride out this little lull. There's still lots coming for us who can get enough. Keep on truckin!

You got some great sites going here.

17 January, 2007  
Anonymous dragonlady474 said...

Good, now maybe I might have some luck with my book since the market isn't going to be saturated.

19 January, 2007  

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