Monday, January 15, 2007

Dead West Update

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From Fango:

Reflecting a palpable desire to get back in the horror game, Green says he and WEST’s producers were eager to move the project along in lieu of subjecting it to cobweb growth until the director is through with GOD. “So far, working with Jacob has been awesome,” he says. “We’re approaching this as a true Western…that just so happens to be splattered with extremely gory horror and violence. I’m sure fans of the graphic novel will appreciate that we’re not looking to make yet another ‘zombie flick.’ Just imagine one of the Leone spaghetti Westerns—if the Indians came back from the dead and can still fight as viciously and intelligently as they did in life. It’s going to be brutal.”

If all goes smoothly, WEST is eyeing the end of this year for a production start—unless HATCHET’s bayou-bathing bully, Victor Crowley, interferes.



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