Monday, January 15, 2007

Cover Art/Specs for Deadlands" The Rising

From Fango:

Tempe Video just passed on the cover art and specs for the April 17 Splatter Rampage DVD release of Gary Ugarek’s undead opus DEADLANDS: THE RISING. Previously self-distributed by Ugarek (go here for more on the movie), DEADLANDS follows five people through three separate story threads as they confront a zombie plague that has overtaken Baltimore. The movie will be presented in 16x9-enhanced 2.35:1 widescreen, with the following extras:

• Audio commentary by Ugarek
• Audio commentary by the cast and crew
• Interview with Ugarek
• Interview with producer Brian Wright
• I AM ZOMBIE MAN short film with introduction by filmmaker Nick Thomson
• Teaser trailer
• Splatter Rampage DVD trailers

Retail price is $24.99.


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