Monday, January 15, 2007

House of Re-Animator Canned?

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From The Horror Yearbook:

I was going to wait for Molly Celaschi’s, San Jose “Fangoria Weekend of Horrors” report for this news, but it’s too sad not to post. Johnny Truant (Our “Man on the Street”) had tipped us off about a possible Re-Animator Trilogy (READ HERE), but according to Jeffrey Combs, this weekend, it looks like it may never happen. Since the material in “House of Re-Animator” is becoming dated, with the defeat of the Bush administration, we may never see the sequel.

I of course did not write anything down during the talk, but those guys over at Esplatter did (Hey, were you those guys sitting behind me?), and got this quote from Jeffrey:

“A year ago I would have told you that looks like that’s happening,” he said. “At this time I’d say maybe the air has gone out of that. … That’s sleeping right now. I don’t imagine that will wake up. The problem is the script we wanted to do is very topical.”

...just a note...there is a Re-Animator Trilogy. Did these folks miss Beyond Re-Animator? I mean, yes, it blew and all but it's still exists.


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