Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brian Keene Interview @ SR

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From Skullring:
Brian Keene is arguably one of the most prolific and popular writers of horror fiction these days. Among others he’s authored "Terminal", "The Rising", its sequel "City of the Dead", "The Conqueror Worms", and the forthcoming "Ghoul". Brian recently granted an interview to SkullRing and had some interesting things to say about writing, smoking, comics, the web, film, zombies, and the use of certain forms of punctuation.
Click here for the Q&A...


Anonymous dragonlady474 said...

I not only read the question and answer part but visited his blog and he has great advice for horror writers. Thank you very much for linking this.

21 January, 2007  
Blogger Zombie-A-GoGo said...

No problem...Keene's a swell guy. :)

24 January, 2007  

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