Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yuzna Talks House of Reanimator, etc.

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From Fango:
Brian Yuzna believes there’s enough life in the RE-ANIMATOR franchise for three more pictures. The producer of the initial film and director of BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR and BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR talked about his latest endeavors and nearly year-old production company, Halcyon Pictures, to Gli Occhi su Cinema.

Ever the showman, Yuzna lets fly on number of projects, including the two RE-ANIMATOR sequels waiting in the wings (indicating an all-new trilogy) after the long-talked-about HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR, which has “[Herbert] West being called to the White House to re-animate the deceased vice president. Of course, by the time the dust settles, even the president has been reanimated and West is the power behind the throne,” Yuzna tells the site. “The second would be RE-ANIMATOR UNBOUND! West would have his own fiefdom amidst a war zone. There his experiments take him directly in conflict with religion and face to face with the Old Ones of Lovecraftian lore. The final episode would be RE-ANIMATOR BEGINS.” That final chapter would find West reconnecting with his past—and the family of his old mentor, Professor Gruber—after finding his mind erased.



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