Sunday, December 17, 2006

Academy Students will soon be ‘Zombies’

From the Cape Breton Post:
SYDNEY — Student actors from Sydney Academy will be ready for their closeups, thanks to some expert help from leading professionals in Atlantic Canada’s television and film industry.

Karen Byers, who does hair for programs including This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and Annemarie Cassidy Clattenburg, the makeup artist for Trailer Park Boys, were in Sydney Friday to work with the young performers so they will have the look just right for their film, Zombie Romeo.

Teacher Maynard Morrison explains that, in the comedic film, the students are staging a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Boardmore Playhouse on the Cape Breton University campus, when the leading man is seemingly killed by a falling sandbag but miraculously appears for rehearsals the next day, and zombie havoc ensues.

“Once we knew we were doing a zombie movie, I knew we wouldn’t have a clue how to do makeup,” Morrison says.

“We would be guessing and, when it came down to it, it would look fairly amateurish.”


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