Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Zombie 7 Legal Action Fund

Attention if you're in Minneapolis...

From subvertron:
Zombie 7 Legal Action Fund Benefit Show Friday, December 8th @ The Church!!!

Hot Tony,
Luc the Drifter,
Peace Creeps,
Babies Breath,
Styrofoam Duck,

$5 If you come as a Zombie, $7 if NOT!

All proceeds go to legal expenses in our lawsuit against the Minneapolis Police!!! Read
our Press Release here:

The Zombie 7 have all joined in a lawsuit against the City of Minneapolis, numerous police officers, and the Hennepin County Jail. On July 22, 2006, the Zombies were
holding a zombie dance party in downtown Minneapolis, where they engaged in public performing art for the purpose of making a political statement. The Minneapolis police responded by harassing and arresting them for no reaon. The police malicously accused them of possessing simulated weapons of mass destruction for using homemade sound equipment for their music, and then held them in jail for two days. The city and county attorneys subsequently determined there was no basis for any criminal charges. The Hennepin County jail subsequently discrminated against one of
the zombies because of his disability.

The Zombie 7 are seeking to hold the City accountable for violations of their rights to free speech and other constitutional rights, and ensure that no similar political harassment occurs in the future.

If anybody wants to read a copy of the complaint, email me and I'll send it to you!


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