Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mass Acre Hill

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From Fangoria:
Fango heard from Canadian indie moviemaker Jamie Francis, who along with his brother Dan is in the throes of postproduction on a low-budget zombie flick called MASS ACRE HILL (see more photos below). The movie stars Dan Francis (pictured at bottom) and Spencer Dickson as "two downed pilots who have just crashed a secret government aircraft while on a test mission," Jamie tells Fango. "Unfortunately, their mission creates a disturbance and opens up the past of the area, known as Mass Acre Hill. Our heroes encounter ancient undead natives, drug smugglers and a cult of devil worshippers."

The Francis Brothers wrote, directed and produced MASS ACRE HILL, which according to Jamie "was shot on a very minimal budget of less then $1,000 on high-definition video. Shooting began in July, and the movie will be released on DVD in January or February 2007. It was co-produced by Jeffrey Scott Richards and Amanda Lesage and associate-produced by Paul Kimball, Damien Donnelly, Larry Gevirtz, Molly Celaschi and James Magnum Cook." A MySpace page for the project is up here, and includes a teaser trailer. "We did that before production to gain buzz and gain a little bit of backing," Jamie says. "It was shot in a day and edited together rather quickly, but we've been getting great feedback on it since we posted it." Keep an eye on that page, which also includes a few more pics and artwork, for updates on MASS ACRE HILL.


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