Saturday, December 02, 2006


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Tired of MySpace? Too many non-zombies there? Then check out ZombieFriends. It's still new, but growing. Get in on the ground floor today! Find me, Zombie-A-GoGo, and friend me!
Welcome to ZombieFriends
The only place on the web for people like you.

They always say watch out for the things that go bump in the night, well what if you are the thing that bumps in the night. Well you come and hangout. We all know you spend all day and all night on the internet, why not spend it with people that share the same interest as you. Don't think that there could possibly be people here with the same interest, just do a search or browse around and you will see that we were right. Be safe and remember watch out for the things that go bump in the night.

- The Zombie Friends Team


Anonymous dragonlady474 said...

Excellent, I am now a member. :) Thanks for the heads up.

05 December, 2006  
Anonymous zombiologist said...

Added you. Thanks for the find.

09 December, 2006  

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