Sunday, December 17, 2006

Zombie Portraits

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From Zombie Portraits:
Q. What do I get for my $80?

A. You will receive an original, hand illustrated 8x10 created by Rob Sacchetto. You will NOT receive a computer generated illustration nor will you receive a digital file. You WILL receive a hard copy and full color illustration suitable for framing or freaking-out loved ones.

Q. Can I make any special requests?

A. Rob Sacchetto may entertain some simple requests however he would prefer to interpret your photograph without outside influence. Rob wants to bring out your ‘inner zombie’ using his own artistic license. Rest assured that you will NOT be disappointed in the results. If you have any questions or requests, please inquire BEFORE ordering.

Q. How do I start the process?

A. You can place your order online buy clicking the 'buy now' or 'zombify me' images to the right. You will be taken to PayPal and later provided with an email address to forward your photo to Zombie Portraits. Once he has your photo and payment, Rob Sacchetto will get to work.
Go to Zombie Portraits for more info.


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