Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dead and Deader Set Visit

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From Fangoria:

With Patrick Dinhut’s directorial debut DEAD & DEADER (which we first reported on here) premiering December 16 on The Sci Fi Channel, the film’s producer/co-writer Mark Altman provided Fango with an exclusive clip of the horror/comedy; check it out here (and give it a minute or two to get started). He also passed on a bunch of new photos (see more below) and put us in touch with his DEAD & DEADER co-scribe Steve Kriozere, who describes the film as “a zom-edy, sort of 48 HRS. meets DAWN OF THE DEAD. It’s very different from any (previous) Sci Fi Channel movie, and it’s gory and funny and sexy and just cool.”

Chronicling an infection which threatens to transform humanity into shambling ghouls, the Mindfire Entertainment production (which utilized the prosthetic talents of Jason Collins and Elvis Jones of Autonomous FX and KNB EFX’s Greg Nicotero) employs a “great cast,” Kriozere says, led by “Dean Cain as Lieutenant Bobby Quinn, who returns from a mission in Cambodia to discover he has powers and abilities he has never dreamed of…except maybe in LOIS & CLARK." Joining the actor and female lead Susan Ward for the mayhem is a horrorcentric ensemble comprised of Guy (TALES FROM THE HOOD) Torry, John (TV’s THE OTHERS) Billingsley, Armin Shimerman (BUFFY’s Principal Snyder), Dean (THE X FILES) Haglund, Ellie (HALLOWEEN 4) Cornell and Natassia (SKINWALKERS) Malthe. While the film doesn’t yet have its own official site, visit Mindfire Entertainment on the web here for more information.

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