Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another Special Edition Re-Animator

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From Fango:
Anchor Bay gave Fango the scoop that it has new special-edition DVDs of genre classics PHANTASM and RE-ANIMATOR in the works, with tentative release dates of April 10 for the former and March 20 for the latter. The new discs will be packed with extras distinct from those previously issued by MGM and Elite, respectively; the Bay is working with Don Coscarelli on not only his 1979 original but a deluxe DVD of PHANTASM III as well, also for release on the 10th. As for RE-ANIMATOR, the company has already recorded a pair of new audio commentaries: one by writer/director Stuart Gordon, and the other with producer Brian Yuzna and actors Bruce Abbott, Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton and Robert Sampson. Look for complete details on these as soon as we find ’em out!


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