Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xombie in Print

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From Fango:
While James Farr’s on-line animated undead saga XOMBIE continues to win fans (it’s on its eighth installment over at its official website), a printed spinoff called XOMBIE: DEAD OR ALIVE has been made available for pre-order here. The book chronicles the adventures of Dirge, a living dead man who traverses a world infested by other ghouls in order to reunite a human little girl with her family. Running 155 pages, DEAD OR ALIVE is ”Not a comic book, but a novel with full-page illustrations and artwork scattered throughout,” according to Farr. It features a foreword by FAMOUS MONSTERS legend Forrest J Ackerman and is set for publication January 28; retail price is $19.95, but the pre-order cost is two dollars less. More details can be found at the XOMBIE site linked above.


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