Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pakistani Zombies!

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From Fango:

Andy Starke of DVD company Mondo Macabro gave Fango the exclusive news that ZIBAHKHANA/HELL’S GROUND, the Pakistani zombie film he edited and that we first told you about here, will have its U.S. premiere at this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival, which runs April 5-18 (exact screening date to be announced). Prior to that, the movie has its world premiere at Copenhagen, Denmark’s Natfilm Festival, taking place March 23-April 1. Starke further alerts us that there’s now a MySpace page open for HELL’S GROUND, where you can find more info and juicy photos, to go with the official website here.

Directed by Omar Ali Khan and co-produced by Mondo’s Pete Tombs, the film follows a group of five teenagers who get lost while traveling to a concert and encounter not only hungry flesheaters but a crazed backwoods family. Done completely outside the usual Pakistani film auspices and without government backing, HELL’S GROUND is the country’s first truly modern horror feature. Look for more coverage in the near future.

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