Saturday, February 10, 2007

HOO-HAA Zombies @ Darkness Falls- Free Zombie Fiction!

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From Darkness Falls:
You no doubt can see the zombies at this point.
Wayne needed a home.
So Darkness opened her arms.
He has made the bold decision to post the 'Hoo-Haa' chapbooks and stuff in there.
Nice of him yes.

Only members of Darkness Falls will be able to read the stuff there.

If you are not a member you won't get the free zombie reads and artwork.

Warning: this is done with an aire of sharing and goodwill, in no way does this constitute giving up copyrights to the work and duplication is not permitted.

We want to show you our love and work.
Feedback and discussion we like too.
He will also post when he hears of anyone wanting zombie stories and such, for your scribblers its your chance to shine!

'Darkness Falls and Hoo-Haa - where whatever doesn't kill you makes you longer!'
Head over to Darkness Falls, register, and then go to the forums links in the top left hand corner. In the forums, you will find the home of HOO-HAA and all the goods...


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