Saturday, February 10, 2007

Zombie Squad Talk

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From St. Louis RFT:
"We're going to talk a little bit today about the inevitable zombie uprising, the zombie apocalypse — also known as 'zombocalypse.'" So begins William Spencer, addressing 150 science-fiction geeks at last October's Archon convention in Collinsville, Illinois.

Spencer, a 31-year-old body-piercer who is dressed this day like a Commando character, is a founder of the Zombie Squad. A St. Louis-based survivalist group that uses the walking dead as a metaphor for the breakdown of society, the Zombie Squad's primary mission is to teach disaster-preparation tactics to the public. What unites this quirky mix of tattooed hipsters, role-playing gamers and sci-fi nerds is an insatiable appetite for zombie flicks.

On this autumn afternoon, the group is hosting a disaster-education seminar worthy of the Red Cross. But before getting into the nuts and bolts of their survivalist message, they treat the crowd to some play-acted, zombie fun.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice write up. Thanks for the link. Who are these guys and where did they come from?

More importantly, why have I not joined yet. :)

12 February, 2007  

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