Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jethro Thule: Zombie Killer


From the minds of “Massively Online Gamer” comes Jethro Thule: Zombie Killer, the first “Choose your own adventure” podcast. Each week the audience gets to decide the next step of the story by casting their votes at

The scene begins at “The Last Chance Gas Station,” Jethro’s home and dilapidated fuel shop. After multiple nuclear explosions occur far off in the distance, Jethro and his trusty, stuffed, and dead dog Toadkiller witness a bizarre phenomenon… the dead are rising.

Originally part of the podcast “Massively Online Gamer,” Jethro Thule: Zombie Killer was one of the most popular segments on the show. So popular that producer, Todd Zelin, decided to bring it to the next level. “We all agreed that Jethro needed an upgrade,” says Zelin, “Initially Ryan Verniere, co-host of MOG, would read that week’s installment during the taping of the weekly show. On part 5 of Jethro, we started to pre-record and sound-designing the segment. After an awesome response from the fan-base we commissioned artist and MOG fan, Jake Harold, to draw story-boards and comic book like panels to illustrate the story each week.”

The guys also decided to add to the growing list of MOG shows by releasing Jethro Thule: Zombie Killer as a separate podcast. Already regularly releasing Massively Online Gamer, The MMO Minute and the new review show, Cognition, this release expands the reach of the MOG brand beyond the gaming news and commentary to other forms of entertainment.

You can subscribe to the Jethro Thule: Zombie Killer on iTunes and also access the latest episode at and click on the “Watch Now!” button.

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