Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ghoul School on DVD

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From Fango:

Continuing its resurrection of ’80s/’90s DIY gore flicks on uncut DVD, Camp Motion Pictures has announced the specs for its spring releases GHOUL SCHOOL and the VIDEO VIOLENCE/VIDEO VIOLENCE 2 double feature. Timothy O’Rawe’s 1990 SCHOOL, previously issued on disc by Tempe, arrives March 13 in a Super Bloody Splatter University edition, with the teen zombie flick accompanied by a host of extras:

• Audio commentary by writer/director O’Rawe
• Audio commentary by director of photography Michael Raso
• Audio commentary by producer Jon Fedele and Raso
• Original fundraising promo
Making of GHOUL SCHOOL featurette
• DVD cover photo shoot
• SAY NO TO DRUGS (student gore film)
HALLOWEEN TALE (fundraising film)
• HALLOWEEN TAKEOVER (local cable TV show)
Dead Weight (unreleased featurette)
• Camp Motion Pictures trailer vault



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