Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reiko and the Zombie Shop Five

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REIKO THE ZOMBIE SHOP VOLUME FIVE is a spicy little piece of paranormal action and gory adventure from Dark Horse Manga. Sort of anti-Buffy on acid, Reiko has captured the imagination- and no doubt caused a few nightmares- for fans on both sides of the Pacific in the last few years. Rei Mikamoto’s story about this teenage necromancer has already seen her solve murders, take on serial killers and gangsters, get beheaded in the process and be brought back to life after having her head spliced to the recently deceased body of a fellow summoner. Reiko has done battle with her twin sister Riruka, who wanted to turn the world into a zombie empire under her control. Reiko has also become involved with the sister of the serial killer she defeated- and who in turn killed her. It seems in the last volume, the little sister escaped from a hospital and horribly dispatched the daughter of the doctor who had been treating her. Volume Five opens with Reiko closing in on the wayward girl with an unusual strategy in mind for bringing her to justice. Following that, though, it looks like Reiko has finally met her match in the form of the Star Collector, a summoner with the ability to steal the marks of other summoners- and the powers that come with them- right off their bodies. And by the way, Reiko’s sister Riruka has also risen from the dead and is looking for some payback. Just a little FYI…


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