Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can negative ads defeat zombies?

From The
Once upon a time in a land called Canada, the people were worried about a grave and imminent threat. A marauding gang of flesh-eating zombies, working its way into the country by way of Minnesota, was threatening to bite millions of Canadians and recruit them into the army of the undead.

For a long time, there was a debate about whether the zombies posed a real threat. For one thing, they walked so slowly, and, for another, they were always tripping over things. The country's Liberal party believed that, sooner or later, they'd be here. The Conservatives, however, said you gotta be kidding, they'll never get here and, besides, the zombies are just part of a natural cycle.

But as more studies were done, a consensus emerged. The scientific community agreed that the zombies were coming, they'd be here any day, and we had to do something.


Those wacky Canadians... :)


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