Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another Zombie Squad Article

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From the UTNE Reader:

Nuclear war, avian flu, global warming, George Bush -- there are many reasons to worry that the end of the world is near, but generally, widespread zombie attacks are not one of them. Preparing for a zombie attack on the other hand, might be the one thing that saves your life should an actual catastrophe occur. That's where St. Louis's Zombie Squad steps in.

As reported by Ben Westhoff in the Riverfront Times, Zombie Squad was inspired by the movie 28 Days Later, a 2002 action flick about the undead taking over England. The group began with zombie-themed camping trips among a handful of friends and has grown into a national survivalist coalition with 175 members and hundreds of fans. Not surprisingly, many in the group are young, hip, and zombie-obsessed, but not all were looking to become survivalists. Westhoff notes that "attendees probably come to the Zombie Squad seminar expecting an in-depth discussion of the monstrous antagonists of Resident Evil and Night of the Living Dead. But they stay interested in what [squad member Christopher] Barnhart has to say long after the discussion strays from zombies."



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